Marauder tents

This upcoming weekend I’ll be playing lots of Oldhammer. Yipee! One big scenario Friday and a smaller one for Saturday evening. I’ll tell a bit more about the scenarios next week when I’m back. However, here I want to show you some tents I just finished for the big scenario. In the scenario the tents belong to a band of chaos thugs and marauders. Initially I planned to put some obvious chaos emblems or signs on them and perhaps paint symbols and skulls on the cloth, but finally decided against it. It seemed a bit more useful to keep the tents less specific and thus better applicable for other games. Nevertheless they still have a rather shaggy, dismal look fitting for a chaos, greenskin or undead army.

I made the tents from cocktail umbrellas pressed into and glued to cardboard. Once dry I soaked black napkins in watered down white glue and placed the napkins over the umbrellas. I then tore a small hole for the entrance and let the whole thing dry up. When dry I painted the now stiff napkins with dark blue highlight and gave the base a mix of brown flock and static grass. Done.

Perhaps I went a bit overboard with the amount photos, but here you see the finished result. The Goblin (WIP) is put in there for scale.









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