A band of chaos cultists

I needed some Nurgle worshipping chaos cultists for a game of Oldhammer a while ago. My first thought was to start working on my set of Disciples of the Red Redemption, but I ended up deciding against it; too little time and I really want to make sure I get my Disciples done properly once I begin to work on them. Then I came to think of the set of The Cult of the Possessed from the Mordheim range I had lying around somewhere. The models were released in 2004 I think.

While searching for them I remembered the minis with a certain fondness. However, once I had located the box and got to work on the cultists, my enthusiasm somewhat evaporated. I was struck by their clumsy large size as well as the boring, generic modern chaos look of stars, chains and skulls. Very tedious indeed and for the most part I didn’t really enjoy painting them.

But as I have now almost finished the first five models from the set my attitude has changed slightly back again. Their vaguely oriental look actually has something going for them and I was also fairly happy with the filthy, Nurgle-look I was aiming for with the paintjob.

Well, they’ll never become favorites of mine and they work surprisingly bad together with older (Citadel) minis because of their size. Nevertheless I now have a handful of painted Nurgle cultist ready to field and that’s always something. The two remaining models from the set will have to wait a while – I need to paint some old school lead again now.



Coin-sized terrain

At this year’s Tactica-convention in Hamburg I came across this nifty idea for scenery. Basically they represent small knolls of stone and grass. Perhaps the idea is common but I at least never thought of making such small scenery pieces. Usually my terrain ends up as these big, often slightly fragile things. These small knolls however are ideal for small skirmish battles and all sorts of other situation where one needs some finer terrain feature for the tabletop.

Basically I made them by gluing pebbles and sand to some old coins. I then sprayed them black and drybrushed the lot with a khaki brown for the rocks and a darker Brown for the earth. Finally I added some tufts, static grass and green flock. Simple and effective.  I’ll certainly make some more of these, although perhaps themed somewhat differently for the sake of diversity.


More painted goblins

As stated in a previous post I have been painting goblins lately. As with the last batch these chaps were more or less selected randomly from my box of unpainted greenskins. I like the eclectic mix of goblins from different periods. It enhances the mongrel feel of the goblinoids and makes them fun and diverse to paint.

The models are all well-known and hardly need further introduction. Three are 80’s Citadel goblins, one is a Citadel night goblin from the early 90’s and the final goblin is from Crooked Claw’s excellent range of greenskins. Frankly I’m not too happy with the skin colour. It turned out a bit too neon green and I’ll certainly be more careful with my washes when I paint goblins – or orcs – next time.

That’s it for now. Cheers.

DSCN4614 copy









Marauder tents

This upcoming weekend I’ll be playing lots of Oldhammer. Yipee! One big scenario Friday and a smaller one for Saturday evening. I’ll tell a bit more about the scenarios next week when I’m back. However, here I want to show you some tents I just finished for the big scenario. In the scenario the tents belong to a band of chaos thugs and marauders. Initially I planned to put some obvious chaos emblems or signs on them and perhaps paint symbols and skulls on the cloth, but finally decided against it. It seemed a bit more useful to keep the tents less specific and thus better applicable for other games. Nevertheless they still have a rather shaggy, dismal look fitting for a chaos, greenskin or undead army.

I made the tents from cocktail umbrellas pressed into and glued to cardboard. Once dry I soaked black napkins in watered down white glue and placed the napkins over the umbrellas. I then tore a small hole for the entrance and let the whole thing dry up. When dry I painted the now stiff napkins with dark blue highlight and gave the base a mix of brown flock and static grass. Done.

Perhaps I went a bit overboard with the amount photos, but here you see the finished result. The Goblin (WIP) is put in there for scale.









Goblins ahoy

I have been painting goblins lately and had lots of fun with it. As it shows from the pictures (sorry for the bad ones!) I just sort of picked random minis from my box with unpainted goblins. I really like the jumbled, unruly look gained by combining goblins from different eras and producers. It enhances the sense of the greenskins being these large hordes of more or less inbred creatures of havoc.

The newest mini is of course the spear-wielding guy by Crooked Claw Miniatures. He looks rather posh and ornate. It’s almost too much. I prefer my goblins scruffy and less well-clad. But then again, I guess one would find sharp dressers even among goblinoids.

The rest are assorted Citadel goblins from the 80’s. These minis are pure gold in my view and boy do I love Bob Olley’s absolutely bizarre Iron claw specimens.

I’ll be back soon with more goblins and some terrain.

DSCN4570 copy

DSCN4566 copy

DSCN4563 copy

DSCN4558 copy

DSCN4554 copy