Goblins ahoy

I have been painting goblins lately and had lots of fun with it. As it shows from the pictures (sorry for the bad ones!) I just sort of picked random minis from my box with unpainted goblins. I really like the jumbled, unruly look gained by combining goblins from different eras and producers. It enhances the sense of the greenskins being these large hordes of more or less inbred creatures of havoc.

The newest mini is of course the spear-wielding guy by Crooked Claw Miniatures. He looks rather posh and ornate. It’s almost too much. I prefer my goblins scruffy and less well-clad. But then again, I guess one would find sharp dressers even among goblinoids.

The rest are assorted Citadel goblins from the 80’s. These minis are pure gold in my view and boy do I love Bob Olley’s absolutely bizarre Iron claw specimens.

I’ll be back soon with more goblins and some terrain.

DSCN4570 copy

DSCN4566 copy

DSCN4563 copy

DSCN4558 copy

DSCN4554 copy

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