More painted goblins

As stated in a previous post I have been painting goblins lately. As with the last batch these chaps were more or less selected randomly from my box of unpainted greenskins. I like the eclectic mix of goblins from different periods. It enhances the mongrel feel of the goblinoids and makes them fun and diverse to paint.

The models are all well-known and hardly need further introduction. Three are 80’s Citadel goblins, one is a Citadel night goblin from the early 90’s and the final goblin is from Crooked Claw’s excellent range of greenskins. Frankly I’m not too happy with the skin colour. It turned out a bit too neon green and I’ll certainly be more careful with my washes when I paint goblins – or orcs – next time.

That’s it for now. Cheers.

DSCN4614 copy









2 thoughts on “More painted goblins

  1. Did you have any problem ordering to Crooked claw? I placed a big order two weeks ago and i even have the tracking number…

    Tell me, please!

    • The ordering as such was easy but the communication was very slow. As far as I remember it took two weeks or more before I heard anything after having ordered the (great!) minis.

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