Back again with old and new greenskins

It has been a while. I’ve been preoccupied with other things and had little time to paint. I actually also decided not to buy any new lead before I had finished some substantial painting. This promise to myself I kept, although I did buy several sheets (or boards?) of balsa wood for some future terrain projects. I also bought some miniature barrels. But terrain materials are something completely different from miniatures, right!?

However, I did manage to paint up these five greenskins. It’s a motley group of new and old models. Firstly we have two of Crooked Claw’s wonderful, evil looking goblins. I really like a lot of his models and their retro, “Oldhammer” vibe. And furthermore they paint wonderfully.


Then we have an early 90’s Citadel night goblin with a late 80’s shield. I did not want him to have the usual black look of the night goblins – instead I gave him a drab brown robe and hat. Simple, but I like it. The redorange shield lightens the model nicely I think.


Then we have a mid-80’s Marauder orc. One from their “mongol” line. Not the best work from Marauder but ok.


Last up we have an old citadel orc. A very simple model, but damn nice. It was difficult to paint but I really enjoy these early slotta base orcs. By the way – the base is not finished on neither of the orcs.


Well, that’s it. I hope to start working on some dwarves soon and then Hamburg Tactica is coming in February, which ought to inspire some activity on the blog.