Giant fun from 1977


So now I’m back in fantasy territory with this post. What I have finished here is probably the oldest miniature I own. It’s a Ral Partha giant from 1977 which is pretty much ancient history when it comes to miniatures. In fact I have also had this chap in my collection for quite some time and now was the time to get him stripped of old enamel paint and reworked. I really love this giant and I’m very satisfied with the result. The only thing left to do really is to revisit the tattoos and lighten the colour to a more pale tone.  I must of course admit that no little inspiration was found in John Blanche’s take on the same miniature but it’s not a straight copy.


The sculpting on the piece is top-notch and delightfully low-key in a way I love about old miniatures. No grotesque weapons or drama poses –it’s simply a giant dragging his drunken feet along looking for whatever. Brilliant. There is a peculiar slenderness to the sculpting which is of course due to the casting process but it adds a slight weirdness to the giant which is an acquired taste I guess. I love it.

John Blanche's impressive take on the giant. Note his tongue conversion.

John Blanche’s impressive take on the giant. Note his tongue conversion.


To give you a sense of scale I added a Citadel half-orc I finished recently.




Any thoughts?




Constant war for constant soldiers


Here’s a little WIP pictures of what is currently on my workbench; six wonderful beaky space marines. I simply love these miniatures. I still need to finish the backpacks and the bases but the rest is more or less done. I call them the Angst Brothers and for the time being I plan to paint all my marines as belong to this little group of mercenary soldiers. The name and colours I nicked from this Rogue Trader commercial.


It’s very dark here in Copenhagen at the moment and the quality of the pictures suffers accordingly but hopefully you can get some sense of how the marines look.


Rogue Trader has not made an appearance of this blog previously but this is going to change as I’m planning to actually get some of my RT lead painted this spring. I’m also working on some miniatures for the Orc’s Drift campaign, but once those are done I’ll dedicate painting time to miniatures from the grim, far future.