No Siouxsie but definitely a Banshee

Here’s a quick and dirty paintwork I finished some weeks ago. A banshee produced by Ral Partha for the Ravenloft boxset released in the early 90’s for TSR. The minis in the box were all nicely sculpted by Dennis Mize in 25mm. For some reason however, the banshee in the set is rather large, 28mm in fact, which makes her fit perfectly with my other ethereal spirits.

I have had the set since it came out and the banshee was laying around in my lead mountain with her original 90’s paintjob from back then. I am soon to play a scenario with undeads and thus decided to revisit the model and include her among the ghosts featured in the game.
As I said, the model works well, and the sculpting is well-crafted. My only quibble with the mini is in fact her long hair down her back, which seems a bit underdeveloped. There is a lot of wasted potential here for some dynamism, enhancing the ethereal nature of the model.

As you can see I went with a more modern GW approach to the painting, which works well, I think. I really like this ghostly style and it is fast to produce, which only makes it better. It is, by the way, fun to see what happens to the model and how fast it looses its ghostly feel when painted with multiple colours.

4 thoughts on “No Siouxsie but definitely a Banshee

  1. Some sort of contrast paint over a white primer perhaps? I have to agree with you about the hair, not sure I would have picked it up consciously before but it is very…regular? I dunno, I want to say tame but that is quite bouffant hair (more an 80s aesthetic perhaps) so tame doesn’t seem to be the right word.

    • Thanks for the comment, Daveb. Not contrast paint, but yes, white primer and washes followed by some easy highlighting. Her hair is certainly a testament to the tastes of the period, perhaps more late 80’s/early 90s than 80’s proper. You use the phrasing ‘very regular’ which is spot on. Very, very regular!

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