Orcs with bow and arrow

OK, I admit it, this is not the most interesting blogpost ever, but in order to get the ball rolling on the blog again I will show you my output as it gradually is finished. Here we thus have two orcs, mostly done a while ago, but they somehow stranded when it came to the basing, which I finished a little more than a week ago.

What you see is one of Nick Lund’s gloomy orcs released by Grenadier. These orcs don’t match perfectly with late 80’s Citadel orcs but when put together, like here, the difference in size or scale is really not a big problem – at least to my mind. Ideally I would love to have a whole unit of Lund’s orcs to be used along with my citadel orcs, but this will probably never happen and I thus keep painting these aesthetically very different orcs and pool them into one big pile o’ green menace with my citadel ones.

The other orc is of course one of the troopers from the Regiments of Renown set ‘Harboth’s Orc Archers’, sculpted by Mr. Adams and released in ’87. These are some choice orc archers and I love the set. I never actually bought the regiment as a box, but over the years I think I have collected what would be the contents of the box. Based on the numbers of these orcs floating around on online auctions this set must really have been one of citadel’s bestsellers.

By the way, the shield on the back of this orc is also by Grenadier – at least the original is. Grenadier has used it on a number of 80’s evil fighter types and I nicked it via press mould and green stuff and gave the shield to this happy orc chap.

Up next I will present our new fantasy campaign.



5 thoughts on “Orcs with bow and arrow

  1. Martin I love the Regiments of Renown stuff, my own Nightmare Legion took me 33 years to finish! And got me back into the hobby. You gotta respect what you did with these two, great work. The fine details are so well done. Really like these two, now more!

  2. Welcome back. I quite like the orc styling with the less prominent lower jaw thrust. I like the orangey/brown colour you chose for the robe….is it a mix? The shield also leapt out at me, nice work using a press mold to replicate such a fun detail.

    • Thanks Daveb. Yes, the colour of the robe is a mix. I don’t remember of what though. Usually my mixes are a spur of the moment thing and not a very controlled procedure, which every now and again gives me problems if have to return to the colour… I never learn. The Grenadier shield is indeed quite fun, I think.

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