Two bluesy orc brothers


I found time to finish these two early slotta orcs by the Perry twins. To my mind this early generation of orcs are some of the best from Citadel. I really like their smallish stature and melancholy faces devoid of the later goofiness which Kev Adams later developed into the signature look of the Citadel greenskins.


The one with the shield came from the Dungeons & Dragons Dungeon Monster Set from 1985 and I could not help myself, I had to try to emulate John Blanche’s take on the orc from the box cover down to the eye of Sauron on the shield. The other orc is roughly contemporary and a great little fella. I really enjoyed painting both them and hopefully they will soon be able to fight for King F’yar.




Roadblock Bloodshed

It is time to show some signs of life again on this blog. Things have been a bit busy here in Copenhagen lately but I recently had a chance to play a game of Rogue Trader with my goods friends Claus and Anders. The back-story was the following. Dr. Leo Powder (a genestealer hybrid magus) and his cult were discovered by the authorities of Hunger City and a military unit was sent in to clear out the cult-scum and all their off-spring. However they failed to capture Dr. Powder and his closest hybrid allies who by the help of their brood succeeded in fleeing from Hunger City. Cult members jumped into cars and six of the sacred pure strain genestealers were packed into the back of a truck and off they went. The army was in hot pursuit of the cultists who decided to take a detour into the desert in order to improve their chances of escape. This they should never have done because Dr. Powder and his brood headed straight into the territory of the ork ganger Jerzman da Nazdy who not only was unwilling to let the vehicles pass, he was also very interested in capturing the cars and particularly the truck – although he did not know what it was carrying.

In the battle we played, Dr. Powder and his cult had just arrived in front of the ork territory. They objective of the cult was to get passed the orks with as many vehicles, hybrids and genestealers alive as possible. Jezman and the orks on the other hand had to prevent this.

The game was a blast. Cars and bikes raced around on the table, boltguns cracked and genestealers crawled through the bushes ambushing orks. In the end the orks succeeded in stopping the cult but it was a close call and almost all of the orks had been killed when the last of the brood was finished.

Well, here you see some random snapshots from the game taken by Claus (the victorious ork player). I will try to upload som epictures of the minis and cars from the game soon.













By the way  - the cotton is ectoplasmic mist created with great effect by Dr. Leo Powder

By the way – the cotton is ectoplasmic mist created with great effect by Dr. Leo Powder
















Conrad Moon and his gang


This Sunday I’m playing a game of Pulp Alley with Phreedh again – our second game and I’m looking forward to seeing what the planet of McKemmler IV has in store for us this time. I just finished this little gang of bad guys for the game. The gang leader – dressed in green – is the ever-charming scoundrel and opportunist Conrad Green. His closets ally or sidekick is the brute Demp (on the far right) and with along with them you see the three Ork henchmen Fenk, Gumbah and Larma – all muscle and no brains of course. Finally we also have Zyph – a docile being originating from the planet Schekyl, whose tentacles and flippers have proven quite useful when trying to force doors and the like open.


The Conrad Green model is of the Jerry Cornelius miniature from Citadel’s magnificent Eternal Champion box released in 1986, and the Cornelius miniature is one of my favorites from the set. A true little gem of vintage, high-cheekboned Jes Goodwin goodness. I could not help myself painting him up in the same colours as the image which inspired the miniature, as there can be little doubt that the mini is heavily inspired by the paperback cover of Avon’s Jerry Cornelius omnibus released in ’77. A great collection, absolutely worthwhile tracking down.  The top-notch cover was illustrated by cool cat Stanislaw Fernandes and I would surely like to paint a pink car to go the Cornelius miniature the complete the picture.


Paperback, Avon Books 1977, with the cover painting by Stanislaw Fernandes

Paperback, Avon Books 1977, with the cover painting by Stanislaw Fernandes

Demp and his gang are all Citadel Space Orks and all except Demp are troopers from the Space Ork Raiders boxset released in ’88 (I think); a great set which I managed to acquire for a quite reasonable price some months ago.


Finally we have Zyph and I must confess to be complete oblivious to the origin of the miniature. I suspect it is a Grenadier model, but I’m not sure, and I have no idea what is it supposed to be. In fact I don’t even remember from where I got the model. It has been resting in my pile of chaos stuff for quite some years now as I planned to use it as some sort of minor demon, but now he found use as a space alien which probably is a bit more true to the original intention of the miniature. Can any one of you identify it for me?


That’s it for now. Any thoughts?






Bow-wow Bow-wow


Ok, so here we continue with models relevant for the Orc’s Drift campaign. What you see here is the orc champion Grashak Kra, who was already presented last week, and his pack of wild hobhounds rushing towards Ashak Rise and the dwarf miners working there. Something which takes place during the second scenario of the campaign.


I don’t think there is a colour-canon for painting hobhounds but some Google searches confirmed my general impression that people mostly have approached them very traditionally. I wanted to add something to the miniatures, making them slightly weirder and perhaps even a bit wilder. The minis themselves have a certain monkey-like look and this I took as a que for the baboon-like heads and combined it with fur inspired by hyenas. The result is pretty strange but also very dramatic and drama is, I think, what these minis need in order to work well. Because, honestly, the hobhound minis have a certain goofiness to them, which counters the very idea of them as being the fiercest, meanest sort of warhounds around.


Nevertheless I’m rather pleased with them and it certainly took some time to gather ten of these pre-slotta beasties (from 1984 I believe). Luckily Mr. Phreed kindly provided me with the last three I was missing. There was, I think, only produced three different hobhounds and as you can see I ended up with six of the same dogs. I could not bring myself to do any conversions on them. Although I considered adding some armour here and there.



Next up is the dwarfs from Ashak Rise.



Severed Hand Personalities’s been a while since I posted anything on the blog. It’s not that I haven’t been painting rather the opportunities for taking pictures (I haven’t advanced beyond using natural lighting yet) and finding time to actually write the posts have been limited lately. Life you know… Well, what I have been doing is painting stuff for and from the legendary Orc’s Drift campaign from 1985 for Warhammer Fantasy Battle 2ed – the first large campaign-box Games workshop produced – which you of course all know.




What you see here is the orc characters for the second scenario “Ashak Rise”. First we have my take on Hagar Sheol – the leader of The Severed Hand Tribe. I was debating myself for some time what to do with this character as it gradually dawned on me that I probably would not be able to lay my hands on the original scenario model anytime soon.

The Hagar Sheol scenario model. A rare and expensive Little chap

The Hagar Sheol scenario model. A rare and expensive Little chap

Thus I started looking for a replacement. However, once I accepted that I would not be able to use the original I thought why not try to make my own Hagar. So that’s what I did. I rummaged through my pile of unpainted orcs and found a suitable model to convert and set out to make the model resemble Gary Chalk’s fine, fine portrait of Hagar on the cover of the Orc’s Drift scenario booklet. I must say that it was an extremely fun project, but the collector-part of my brain is still nagging me and I’ll probably never be complete at ease before I tracked the original Hagar down. Nevertheless I must admit that I’m very fond of my version.

Frontcover of the Orc's Drift booklet with a drawing by Gary Chalk

Frontcover of the Orc’s Drift booklet with a drawing by Gary Chalk


The other orc is a ‘scenario model’ who goes under the name of Grashak Kra. A fierce, cool orc champion of the sort I love; punky, wild and wicked. He also appears outside the Orc’s Drift universe as an ordinary orc champion and is very easy to find and thus not expensive in any way.


That’s it for now. Stay tuned for more Orc’s Drift stuff coming up soon.




Aggressive, green hoi polloi


This is my latest effort; yet another small band of greenskins. Painting them was pure comfort food as these models simply sparkle with character and overall greatness. There’s not much to tell about them. All except one are classic Citadel greenskins from around ’87 – although the goblin with the shield might be a year or two earlier.


The exception is a fine goblin by Crooked Claw Miniatures. The mini was clearly sculpted in a classic punk outfit with studded leather west, mohawk and a Sid collar. Picking up on that I decided to do the paint-job in the same spirit, keeping the leather black, the studs steely, the nails red and plenty of eyeliner for the guy. What fun.




I hope you like them. I certainly do.







More mean, green dum dum boyz


Yep, I’ve been painting greenskins again. As always they were a joy to paint. The goblins are not among the greatest figures of their kind but I really do like the little skinny fella with his hair in a knot. I guess he is one of the gobbos sculpted by the Perry twins but here I might be mistaken. The mini looks like a miniature orc and especially his face is very different from the usual facial features sculpted by Kev Adams.


And speaking of Kevin Adams, the heavily armoured night goblin champion is undeniably not one of my favorite goblins. The mini is clumsy and lacks both character and a sense of dynamic quality. A trait which I think is characteristic of the goblins from around this time (the early 90’s).


The two orcs were sheer pleasure to paint. Especially the hooded orc is great with the ragtag spear and his evil yet slightly stupid facial expression. Minis like this one is exactly why I keep returning to the Citadel greenskins from this periode.



Well, that’s it for now.