A giant scorpion to hide in giant boots

img_1001Wow, long time no see! December just went by with lightning speed and January more or less the same way, but let’s see if the coming months will give a bit more time for blogging about miniatures. At least the weather is improving which means better light and thus better photos. I don’t have any fancy photo lamps and have to limit myself to natural sunlight which is a scarce thing here in Copenhagen at the moment.

The big boy you see here is of course the citadel Giant Scorpion, released in 1987 I think. It’s a really big mini and certainly looks scary as hell. My wife even called it a disgusting piece, which should be considered as a credit to the sculptor who really succeeded in creating a menacing, spiky scorpio-beasty here.  I’m quite taken by the mini as a whole but to be honest, the face (snout?) part of the scorpion looks rather cartoony, which in a way runs counter to the vibe of the rest of the figure.

Like it’s contemporary cousin, the giant spider, the scorpion as a pain to assemble. At least my butterfingers had a hard time getting all the legs in place, without their pose looking completely ludicrous. In the end I think a succeeded and I’m happy to say that I like the result a lot. I chose a sort of natural colour scheme for the scorpion which perhaps is a bit dull, but such dull things seem to appeal to my rather drab way of thinking.

The scorpion is soon to star in a little Rogue Trader scenario at my house on March 6. A scenario entitled “Valley of the Scorpions” (I told you I was drab!).




8 thoughts on “A giant scorpion to hide in giant boots

  1. Good to have you back mate, and what a beast this is! I wouldn’t call him drab… he’s really very nice! I hope we get a report from your RT game 😉

    • Thanks Alex. I’ll see if I can remember to take some pictures while we play the RT game. I seem often to forget documenting these things…

  2. Splendid stuff, he’s older than 1987 – 1985 from memory. They’re pretty rare and the ‘feet’ part of the legs often snapped (mine did in the 80s without even being assembled!) so it’s even better you have a complete one and managed to paint it so nicely. Great work!

      • The short answer is I don’t know who sculpted it. The 3 main designers for most of C29 monsters back around 1985 were Nick Bibby, Aly Morrison and Trish Morrison (now Carden). IMHO this is a fairly stylised representation of a scorpion and Bibbys work tended towards a realism the others couldn’t manage so convincingly – he’s a sculptor creating full sized animals in bronze these days. I’d guess (and it is just a guess!) it was one of the Morrisons.

      • Seems my memory has been playing tricks on me! I’ve just been looking through an old WD (issue 92 Aug 87) and the scorpion is advertised as a new release so you were right about 1987 – Designed by Trish Morrison.

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