Spider, spider…


I just finished working on this old Citadel giant spider – a tremendously simple and tremendously cool miniature. I went with a sort of naturalistic spider look after having considered painting it in a bright colour like red or yellow. In hindsight the brownish black was perhaps a boring choice.

However, I did put some effort into the base, trying to create an impression of an ancient forest floor full of rotting wood, moss and fungi. It’s perhaps hard to see on the images but there are quite a lot of small details on the base. In fact, the base took two or three times as long to make and paint as it took painting the spider.

Although, by the way, I must say that assembling the spider took some time as well. It’s not an easy task to get these legs together properly and furthermore I wanted to give the spider a sense of motion or movement. I thus tried to lift some of the legs and place them on the twigs on the base. In the end it all somehow came together quite well and I’m pleased with the result.

What do you think – should I have chosen the bright colour instead? What would you do?








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