I’m the crawling king snake…

foto 5_2_2

I finally had a chance to paint this piece of old lead; the giant snake produced by Grenadier. For some reason I’ve had my eye on this model for a while and early this summer I finally took the plunge and picked it up on Ebay. The model is fairly chunky and the snake’s head is both a bit too large and has a certain sense of slightly off complacency to it. Nevertheless I like it, although I’m not entirely sure why – perhaps it’s due to the size and weight of the mini.

The paintjob was fairly straight forward, but was nearly ruined by the gloss I used. I went with an old Humbrol gloss which messed-up the blendings on the scales of the snake. It still appears acceptable but I’m not satisfied with the model as it looks now, but it was quick to paint and should I find the inspiration, I’ll perhaps revisit it sometime in the future.

Sorry for the bad pics by the way, I had some problems with the lighting.

foto 1_1

foto 3_2

foto 4_2