D&D miniature poster


Recently people wrote some blogposts about their old Citadel and Warhammer posters. Great stuff. By chance I came across this promotion poster for Citadel’s Dungeons & Dragons line of miniatures in my copy of White Dwarf no. 68 from 1985. Just take a look at it in all its John Blancheian goodness. It’s soaked in all that makes mining this Oldhammer stuff worthwhile.


I love details like the classic Blanche-flame tongues on the sleeves of the adventurers, the weird runes reminiscent of Tom Meier’s lizard men, on the armour of the monsters, the red eye of Sauron on the Orc/Goblin’s shield and the inscription “TSR” above the dungeon passage, as if saying – “if you want to go further, TSR is the gateway”. Brilliant!


If I had a geek room all of my own this poster would certainly find a place on the wall. I don’t though, so this glorious piece of 80’s fantasy artwork will have to remain snugly in the magazine.