Hitchin’ a ride


This Saturday I’m hosting a small game of joyous Oldhammer and I’m very excited about it. Sadly I did not manage to finish all the snotlings I had planned to paint for the occasion but that is life for you – always interfering with your all-important painting projects. I did finish one base with the small fellas and I’ll show them to you in a few days – perhaps even with some shots from the game.


What I want to share with you here is a cart I finished for the game. It’s going to be the centerpiece of the battle. The cart is from the Perry Twins and a fine model if perhaps a bit dull, but very useful for scenario purposes. Something, I think, you can say about quite a lot of the minis from Perry Miniatures.



In our scenario the cart is transporting the dwarf prisoner Suben Blackmontain who has been beaten to a pulp by his captor’s henchmen. For good measure I have here included a few shots with Suben on the cart. It is now up to the manic Goblin leader Nazgob to see if he can capture the dwarf before the Robber baron Alban von Edelhahn slips away with the precious cargo.

Well, that’s all for now. I’ll be back soon with a few pics of snotlings. Stay tuned

Cheers Martin