Assorted dwarfs

I found time to work on some old Citadel dwarfs. My photos are crap and messes up the impression of the paint job. Nevertheless I’m quite pleased with my work on two of them; the Norse dwarf with the axe and the one holding two javelins.

The dwarfs are all sporting the same colours (yellow and green) in order to give them some sort of clan identity.

The Norse dwarf has a large scar running down the left side of the face, very close to his eye. This inspired me to paint him as being blind on the one eye. The result is perhaps a bit weird, but he definitely has a certain bad-ass air to him now.

I must confess that I find it difficult to come up with shield motifs for dwarfs. The boring tankard is trite, but to find other ‘dwarfish’ motifs is no easy task and I definitely need to think some more about dwarf shields before I start painting any further little beardy chaps.


DSCN4777 copy

DSCN4785 copy

DSCN4788 copy

DSCN4793 copy

DSCN4799 copy

The last of the dwarfs is really, really small, almost gnome-like in size. I wonder when this mini was produced. He gives the an expression of being a pre-slotta miniature appropriated to the new slotta format – however, that’s only me guessing. His face is wonderfully characterful, which you probably won’t be able to make out on the photo. Does anyone of you know when this dwarf was produced.

Next up I’ll be working on some foot knights.