Earth Elementals…ish

I finished these two elementals for a scenario we are going to play later this month. The large one is the Citadel Earth Elemental released way back in 1984 (I think) and thus certainly a mini of a certain age. I really love this earth elemental – it is large, hulking and has this great genie pose with a ton of character. It even seems, sort of, to have found its way into the art work of the WFB 3ed rulebook where a very similar earth elemental is depicted om p. 272.

The earth elemental drawn by Tony Ackland

The small one is a Golem from the Night Horrors range released around ´86. He is also sometimes found listed as an earth elemental and I will be using him as an elemental in the scenario, but I have in fact not found him listed as an elemental in any official Citadel material. The tab also reads Golem.

Before painting the golem, I was a bit confused as to what was what on the mini, but after I began working on him things started to make sense and what started as a slightly skeptical attitude towards the mini turned into something way more positive. It is definitely not the greatest sculpt produced by Citadel, but is has a lot of charm and you got to love the power pose.  

Now I really need to get my hands on the fire, earth and water elementals as well. The collecting never ends…

Careful, the apeman is angry

This little, angry chap I finished a few nights ago. It is the Apeman from Citadel’s Night Horrors range and released around 1987, I believe. The mini is slightly crude and not particularly interesting, but while painting it the apeman really started growing on me and I am now really looking forward to using him in an upcoming game. The paintjob is very simple but I tried to work in some subtle changes in the colouring of the fur, which sadly has disappeared in the photos. Well, they are there, believe me.’

While he ended looking very much like a typical ‘snow ape’, my inspiration for the paintjob actually came specifically from this illustration found in the AD&D 2ed Monstrous Compendium. I always liked the odd little scene portrayed in the image; in particularly the strikingly not very D&D fighter. Fun stuff.  



See these eyes so green…

In the waning light of the sun she prowled back to the village

In the waning light of the sun she prowled back to the village

It’s time to start showing some of the minis I have been working on these past months, which is mostly Rogue Trader Stuff, but also some fantasy, which is what I’ll show you in this post.


This is the tiny, tiny Werefox from Citadel’s diverse and great Night Horrors-series. The pictures did not really turn out that good, which is a shame, as I’m actually quite pleased with how she turned out. There is not much to say about the mini which, as said, is very small, and with limited details. Never the less it is a splendid piece with a strong presence and an absolute pleasure to paint.


I’ve mostly seen her painted in foxy red colours so I decided to go for a pale, sort of snow fox look, which I think makes her slightly more menacing than the regular fox-skin tones, but I guess that’s really a matter of taste.

Well, that’s all for now






A while ago I finished the Werewolf from Citadel’s C18 Night Horrors line. It’s a wonderful mini with lots of character. My guess would be that it’s sculpted by Jes Goodwin but a quick Google search could not confirm this. I really like the pulpy rock n’ roll look of the wolfman with his huge sideburns and rockabilly hair. The paint job, which is almost completely obscured by my bad photos, was fairly straightforward but fun to do. A nice change of pace from some of the other stuff I have been working on lately.


Here’s a little soundtrack to accompany the spirit of the mini – auuuuuu!

Up next is some beastmen which I’m looking forward to showing you all.