How very 90’s


One of the things I bought in Hamburg two weeks ago was this unopened blister. A “Dark Goblin Leader” sculpted by Kev Adams for his fantasy–line produced by Heartbreaker in 1994. Check out the presentation on the back of the pack. Here we find an introduction to the master himself, his likes and inspirations. We are even given a photo of the man himself with nose ring and all. Yeah, those were the grungy days. It certainly brings back memories.


Oh ya, by the way, the goblin inside the blister is very nice indeed. A perfect champion of some sort.  I wonder how much the other minis from this line cost on Ebay. This one I got dirt cheap; 1 euro. Certainly a fair price!


And if you wonder what his taste in music sounds like, you can sample what I believe are the mentioned Spacemen here: