Come my fanatics…


A few weeks ago Mr. Phreedh hosted a small game of Rogue Trader and I needed some pilgrims for the game. While prepping for the event I went through my lead mountain to find appropriate minis and came across some unpainted “Angry Saxon Monks” from Gripping Beast. I painted a lot of those some years ago for a fantasy scenario and it struck me that the rest would serve nicely as angry space pilgrims.


Being a bit pressed for time I gave them some very rough-and-ready conversions and painted the lot as some sort of weird cultists dedicated to the concept of the “Big Sleep” who are always on the lookout for new drugs to put them in touch with their notion of divine trance. Hopefully we will see a battle report on the game someday (nudge-nugde).





The guy in the middle is not from Gripping Beast. He came from a job lot on Ebay. I'm not sure who produced this monk or cultists.

The guy in the middle is not from Gripping Beast. He came from a job lot on Ebay. I’m not sure who produced this monk or cultists.

I also included one picture from the game for you to see the ornaments on the back of the pilgrims which I forgot to photograph.


Any thoughts?



The last monks (honestly!)

This weekend we finally played Marktag Bloody Marktag and as the amateur I am, I of course forgot to bring my camera. I took some photos with my phone but they ended very random and of poor quality. Alas, what turned out to be a quite fun endeavor was left undocumented. Oh well. I’ll try to do something with the pics I did take and probably make some sort of proper presentation of the scenario at a later stage. Right now I need to digest the whole thing for a while.

But let me tell you this, the monks of St Gotthard never saw what hit them. The undead force attacking the monastery came crawling through the dusk and took the poor monks and their guests by complete surprise. They never managed to organize their defenses and the skeletons and ghouls attacking thus ploughed through their opponents, setting fire to buildings and spreading fear. It was quite cool actually, although Rasmus playing the monks gradually lost any hope of repelling the attack.

After last weekend I haven’t touched a brush but my appetite for new projects is already slowly returning.   However, here you see the five last monks I finished before leaving. If you have been following these posts you’ll probably know the drill. The colours are the same and the manufacturers are also more or less so. From left to right you see a monk from Black Tree Design, an old Metal Magic monk, One of Foundry’s “jolly monks”, and the next one is another fella from Black Tree. Finally we have a cleric from Citadel. Frankly I’m not sure if this is a man or woman. I always assumed it was a woman and in our scenario we used her as the nun Ulrike Herberiner. Nevertheless while painting the mini I started to wonder if this indeed is a woman. It could easily be a slightly feminine chap. Well, she/he is a nice mini although the use of crosses in fantasy settings always seems slightly odd.


Any thoughts on the monks (and nun/cleric?)?

Up next on my workbench is this lot of fierce, delightful goblins. A nice mix of old, very old and very recent minis. This is going to be a nice change of pace after having painted monks and adventurers these last two months.


Cheers and good times




More monks – now with donkey

Yep, I finished more monks. After having painted chaos for a while it’s rather soothing to work with a limited range of muted colours, and I thus found the monks a great fun to paint. The fat monk on the donkey is from Conquest Games, while the young, goofy chap with the axe is from Gripping Beast. The monk with the hands on his back is one of Foundry’s ‘Jolly Monks’, while the anxiously praying one is by Black Tree. All very fine models I think.


Finally we have a dear old friend of mine – the cleric from Citadel’s Adventurer Starter Set launched in 1985 to the joy of countless young collectors. This mini was very likely the first one I ever painted, which perhaps was during the Christmas of ’89. My memory fails me on the exact year, but I still remember how I painted the cleric bright green. Ahh, those were the days of Humbrol enamel and turpentine!  The cleric is not the same model but one I have purchased at a later stage. Sadly I parted with the original one at the stage of early adolescence where minis became slightly embarrassing and uncool among ‘serious’ role-players.


Sorry for my blurry image of the minis by the way. I’m still having some trouble with the lighting at the moment.

Well, no more monks for now. Up next is a slime monster and then a party of adventurers. Stay tuned!


Ora pro nobis

I’m painting monks at the moment. Five of them are now finished, the next are almost done and yet another five await the brush. They are the inhabitants of the small monastery of St Gotthart in the Black Mountains. A small ecclesiastic community dedicated to the ongoing praise of the illustrious St Gotthart – a warrior knight martyred in the struggles against the forces of evil lurking in the deep forests climbing the steep slopes of the region.  Some whisper that St Gotthart perhaps was murdered by his own due to petty jealousy and internal struggle among his warrior brethren, but such things are dismissed by the devout monks.


In a scenario we are going to play in the end of January this small community is facing a dire threat. The vampire Anna Lustig and her coconspirator, the necromancer Peter Luther, are planning their revenge on the monks of St Gottharts order after the friars dispatched their vampire master Walther von Löwe to the Chaos Wastes in a previous confrontation in our campaign. The undead host is now out for bloody revenge and their aim is not only to kill all the monks, but also to burn down the site and claim the relics stored in the temple. It is now up to the monks, a few adventurers who happen to seek shelter for the night in the monastery as well as a selection of other personalities to defend the sacred site against the brutal attackers. Great, pulpy stuff and I’ll write more about the scenario as time approaches.

The monks you see are a diverse lot. I have been collecting monks for a while and those you see here are, from left to right, produced by Gripping Beast, Foundry, Black Tree and the two last are also from Gripping Beast. I really like the monks produced by Black Tree; the minis are full of character and very clean sculpts matching perfectly the old school lead I normally push around. The same goes for the monks from Foundry, although they suffer slightly from some dodgy details, such as the very clumsy club of the one you see here. The monks from Gripping Beast look fine from a distance but up close the sculpting is awkward and the casting very shoddy. Put bluntly I found them disappointing.


What’s your opinion – have you any experience with Gripping Beast minis? Well, more about monks in the coming post.