Pipers At The Gates of Dawn


A week ago I had chance to finish these weird beauties. Three servants to the elder gods produced by Metal Magic sometime around ´89. They come from their very nice Dunwich Detectives line and to my mind they are among the best monsters from this range.


What I really like about these models is their completely alien feel. They perfectly capture that uncapturable sense of strange otherworldliness that Lovecraft laced his so-called Cthulhu mythos with. And indeed they were rather strange, but also very fast, to paint. The minis have few details, no obvious facial features, in fact barely a head, and lots of weird formations on the skin, which can be a bit disorientating. But you gotta love these minis.


They’ll be serving as demonic mutations in my private Oldhammer universe, where they’ll play their strange horns deep in the hidden valleys of the Black Mountains, where most of our small games are located for the time being.



Ahh.. Can you hear it? That: “muffled, maddening beating of vile drums and the thin, monotonous whine of accursed flutes; to which detestable pounding and piping dance slowly, awkwardly, and absurdly the gigantic Ultimate gods, the blind, voiceless, tenebrous, mindless Other gods whose soul and messenger is the crawling chaos Nyarlathotep.” (H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest Of Unknown Kadath)




But back to the dark elfs I’m working on now.




The Boyz Are Back in Town


Here you see my latest output – five more greenskins. Technically they’re all orcs as the little fellow you see among the classic Citadel orcs is an orc from Metal Magic. However in my collection he’ll be serving as some sort of elite goblin. Elite because he looks way more well-equipped and fierce than most 80’s-era Citadel goblins.


I’m no huge Metal Magic fan but they did a lot of fine models, but I’m not sure their orcs are to be counted among them. Somehow their orcs lack personality or that certain quality which makes the miniature vibrant. At least that’s how I fell about their orcs. Nevertheless I have quite a few of these Metal Magic orcs and eventually, once painted, they’ll constitute a nice alternative to my Citadel greenskins.


Most of the Citadel orcs were produced in that golden year of 1987. The only exception is the one in a brownish red/yellow tunic holding a bow and grabbing for his scimitar. He is one of the Orcs of the Red Eye-range released in ’85 (I think) for the Middle-Earth universe. Not that this makes him different from the other orcs in any way!

IMG_1601The shield you see in the middle, on the slightly blurry picture, was inspired by Eddie on the cover of the first Iron Maiden record. The guy on the shield ended up looking somewhat more like an undead Ziggy Stardust but being a major Bowie-fan this hardly matters.


Iron Maiden 1980

Iron Maiden 1980

Ziggy Stardust

Ziggy Stardust

Ah, what geeky fun we have with our miniatures.




During the Easter holidays in Denmark one usually finds a huge number of small flea markets around the country. I happened to come by one and browsed through the stalls looking for vintage paperbacks – one of my other passions. I did not find any interesting books, however, I came across a small basket full of miniatures. Two kids were going through the minis when I spotted them. I immediately placed myself next in line and hoped the kids would move on and indeed they did, leaving the minis to me. I swear I did (almost) not stare them down or give them the evil eye!

I immediately spotted a Citadel dragon in the basket and asked for the price. The man in the stall sold the minis for 300 Danish crowns (c. 33 British pounds or 40 Euroes) and I instantly bought the lot.

I guess the minis I bought would qualify to what you encounter on Ebay as a ‘job lot’. It’s a mixed bag really, but I’m very pleased with the bargain. What strikes me about the collection is how much it reminds me of the old days and the way people collected minis for RPG’s then. It’s a completely random mix of minis from different companies and lines. It’s rather charming actually. The paintjob on them also screams late 80’s/early 90’s. This really takes me back to when I began to paint minis myself. Here’s what I got:

First we have the old Citadel ‘Large Red Dragon’. It’s missing the horns, but they are easily replaceable. I have painted this mini twice already for a friend a long, long time ago and it has a certain nostalgic value to me. To have one myself now is thus a great pleasure.


Next we have a selection of vintage Citadel minis. There are some really nice ones here and some rather battered specimens.







There was also a partial undead cart.


Then there was this Little band of skavens:


A Mordheim character was also hiding in the lot as well as a flagellant:



Up next I uncovered several old plastic Skavens and a single elf.



Moving on, a selection of 90’s plastic minis was also present – a bretonnian archer, two high elfs and a grumpy, large-hatted chaos dwarf as well as a number of horses with and without tails and a group of space marines.






To conclude the Citadel minis the lot also included this more or less contemporary trash along with some useful bits, such as shields, which heads straight into my box of pieces for conversion projects.






Next in line I found this cool sci-fi marine from Metal Magic.


In the basket I discovered a large number of Grenadier minis.












I especially like this little group of fellas. I’m not really sure what they are – some sort of goblins probably. Can anyone of you identify them? Nevertheless they immediately inspired me to use them as some sort of greenskin or skaven slaves. I would sure like to get hold on some more of these and perhaps include some kobolds among them as well.


Finally I found these oddities. It also looks like some sort of psychedelic warband!



Well, what do you think? Was the price fair?