Hoowee! Off to find the rest of the pack

These two goblin wolf riders are off to join the rest at the pack I painted a few years ago. Now there is 12 of them. I had forgotten how time-consuming these minis are. At least I have a tendency to underestimate the time it takes to paint mounted minis – even such simply models as these wolves. But then again, I know that I am a sloooow painter. I cheated a bit this time though and went with some slightly boring, generic shields. Usually I prefer to do a bit more impulsive stuff on shields, but I guess I just wanted to be done with these two guys and get on with the rest of the greenskins still on my to do-list.

As I am writing this I still have six goblins and one orc to go, which should be fairly manageable given the fact that I need them to be done by October. However, I am really looking forward to paint other stuff and hopefully I will have these last minis finished soon so that I can focus on other things.

I will be back with the next instalment in our Isle of Dread-campaign soon.

Bagnol’s Caravan -More Dolgan Raiders


So here’s another instalment in my little Dolgan Raiders-series. This time we are to have a closer look at the hobgoblin Bagnol’s caravan of soldiers, loot and slaves. It is around this caravan that the scenario revolves as it comes under attack at dawn on its return trip from the Mountains of Mourn. The attackers, the Dolgans, we saw last week.


First up is the mighty Bagnol himself. He’s a mean hobgoblin and in my version of the scenario I used the old Asgard half troll to represent him. I haven’t been able to get my hands on the original pre-slotta hobgoblin by Nick Lund which was representing the caravan leader in the scenario pack. Nevertheless I love the Asgard mini and would most likely have been using it as Bagnol anyway.



Then we have Blackeye – a hobgoblin shaman accompanying the caravan. The miniature is one of the same first generation pre-slotta hobgoblins to which the Bagnol mini also belongs. For some reason I ended up painting Blackeye’s skin green. I’m not sure why –he should have been painted with the same colour as my other hobgoblins. It probably happened because I for some reason based him on a smaller base than the rest of the hobgoblins which made me think of him as a goblin – not a hobgoblin. Well, stuff happens.




Then we have Gutrot, the grim goblin warrior on a wolf in the company of nine other wolf riders. Gutrot is the one on the wolf draped in red, holding up his axe over his head. All the wolf riders are late 80’s and early 90’s Marauder goblins. Although I’m no big Marauder fan I’m rather fond of the wolves.





Then we have the hobgoblins. Bagnol has 20 of them in his retinue and these are the ones I specifically finished for the scenario and all of them are top-notch miniatures. I’m turning out to be quite the hobgoblin-fan. First we have three pre-slotta hobgoblins and then troopers and character models from the boxset Throgg’s Despoiling Hobgoblins of the Dark Lands, released as part of the Regiments of Renown-series in ‘85.





Bagnol also has ten hobgoblins armed with bows in his company but as I don’t have any hobgoblin archers I used orc archers instead. Those as well as Bagnol’s 20 goblins were all finished before I started preparing for this scenario and thus not shown in this post. Later, when I give you some snapshot from the game, these minis will show up as well.

However, Bagnol has ten lesser goblins who tend to the lobotomized (sic!) ogres who pull the caravan wagons. These small fellas you can see here. Great if a bit rough minis with a ton of character.


Finally we have the ogres pulling the wagons. I’m only showing one of the three wagons as they are more or less the same. The wagon or wagons come from 4ground miniatures.




That’s all for now. Next up a few pictures and a little battle report from us actually playing The Dolgan Raiders scenario.

Any thoughts?









More mean, green dum dum boyz


Yep, I’ve been painting greenskins again. As always they were a joy to paint. The goblins are not among the greatest figures of their kind but I really do like the little skinny fella with his hair in a knot. I guess he is one of the gobbos sculpted by the Perry twins but here I might be mistaken. The mini looks like a miniature orc and especially his face is very different from the usual facial features sculpted by Kev Adams.


And speaking of Kevin Adams, the heavily armoured night goblin champion is undeniably not one of my favorite goblins. The mini is clumsy and lacks both character and a sense of dynamic quality. A trait which I think is characteristic of the goblins from around this time (the early 90’s).


The two orcs were sheer pleasure to paint. Especially the hooded orc is great with the ragtag spear and his evil yet slightly stupid facial expression. Minis like this one is exactly why I keep returning to the Citadel greenskins from this periode.



Well, that’s it for now.





A bunch of fantasy characters

I finished a batch of vintage goodness this week. Two wizards, a gypsy and a halfling all produced by Citadel and furthermore a Marauder elf.

I really like both wizards, especially the one in green. I have painted this mini three or four times over the years and this time I went back and used my first colour scheme from way back. The other wizard, the one holding a bird, is also very nice, although I must confess to having no idea what bird he’s holding. He has a glove on his hand, indicating some sort of bird of prey, but the bird’s beak looks like something on a water fowl – a duck perhaps! It’s very likely a joke that went over my head. Anyway, I ended up painting it in crow colours.

Then we have the very politically incorrect gypsy with the shifty look and a short sword hidden on his back. I love it! His face is slightly distorted but it still has a lot of character. The mini is perhaps not a masterpiece but still incredibly cool.

Then we have the Halfling – or should I say Hobbit. It’s Merry from the Fellowship of the Ring set released in 1985. A nice little fellow and great fun to paint.

The last mini is the Marauder elf. A slightly boring sculpt which I choose because I need an elf and he was at the top of my pile of unpainted elves. The face of the mini is also skewed or contorted, which adds to me slight irritation with the mini.

Absalom Herlich - wizard and sage

Absalom Herlich – wizard and sage


Bela Ustapur - thief and adventurer

Bela Ustapur – thief and adventurer


Luthviel - outcast and loner

Luthviel – outcast and loner


The halfling Jeremias Halla

The halfling Jeremias Halla


Gabor von Stefansberg - diplomat, spy and libertine

Gabor von Stefansberg – diplomat, spy and libertine


Heroic fighters and men of the North

Here are the latest miniatures that I have been working on. I mixed bag of warriors. First of we have three men of the North. Two of them are Foundry recasts while the last, the one with the falcon, is a Citadel original. I kind of like these Norse miniatures. The guy with the bird is definitely an old favorite of mine.

Most of them are fairly simple and in fact a lot of them look quite alike; long hair, mustache, furs and sword or spear. Nevertheless they have lots of attitude and it would be great to compile a Norse warband of some sort. Come to think of it – perhaps I should try to do a scenario of some sort where Norse men raid a Norse dwarf settlement or something. One could even throw in some trolls and gnomes to keep up with the Scandinavian theme…

DSCN4288 copy

DSCN4279 copy

DSCN4283 copy

Then we have two fighters – one from Citadel (the winged helmet) and one from Marauder. I really like these unspecified fighters. They frankly reek of adventure and pulpy action. Lots of Citadel’s warriors from the 80’s are as over the top and wild looking as the contemporary chaos miniatures. I think this guy here with the winged helmet is a good example of exactly this.

DSCN4275 copy

Finally we have a somewhat more modest Marauder fighter. Not too much to say about him; very simple and a very simple paint-job. Oh ya, by the way, the motif for the shield was taken from one of the banners shown in the first medieval fight scene in Highlander. This is the level of inspiration which grows out of watching geekie movies while hung-over.

DSCN4272 copy

By the way, none of the bases are finished.


Back again with old and new greenskins

It has been a while. I’ve been preoccupied with other things and had little time to paint. I actually also decided not to buy any new lead before I had finished some substantial painting. This promise to myself I kept, although I did buy several sheets (or boards?) of balsa wood for some future terrain projects. I also bought some miniature barrels. But terrain materials are something completely different from miniatures, right!?

However, I did manage to paint up these five greenskins. It’s a motley group of new and old models. Firstly we have two of Crooked Claw’s wonderful, evil looking goblins. I really like a lot of his models and their retro, “Oldhammer” vibe. And furthermore they paint wonderfully.


Then we have an early 90’s Citadel night goblin with a late 80’s shield. I did not want him to have the usual black look of the night goblins – instead I gave him a drab brown robe and hat. Simple, but I like it. The redorange shield lightens the model nicely I think.


Then we have a mid-80’s Marauder orc. One from their “mongol” line. Not the best work from Marauder but ok.


Last up we have an old citadel orc. A very simple model, but damn nice. It was difficult to paint but I really enjoy these early slotta base orcs. By the way – the base is not finished on neither of the orcs.


Well, that’s it. I hope to start working on some dwarves soon and then Hamburg Tactica is coming in February, which ought to inspire some activity on the blog.

Klanen Crazaks skytter

Seks dværge med armbrøst. Det er klassiske Marauder-dværge fra 1990. Fine figurer, men med mange små detaljer – sløjfer og den slags. Det tager tid! Mit gul-grønne farvevalg er måske ikke så ”dværgsk” og skyldes ene og alene dovenskab. For nogle måneder siden købte jeg et unit dværge med spyd (også Marauder-figurer). De var malede i gule og grønne farver. Figurerne er faktisk så godt malet, at jeg ikke umiddelbart vil male dem om. For at skabe en klanidentitet må jeg dermed også acceptere spydmændenes uniformer. Det gode ved dette er, at jeg har lejlighed til at arbejde med nogle farver jeg ikke normalt bruger så meget – især den gule. Idéen til dværgenes baser har jeg i øvrigt tyvstjålet fra Jaeckel.

Beklager billederne er blevet lidt uskarpe.
















Nottingham here we come!

Slaanesh warband

Slaanesh warband

Så er mit Slaanesh warband afsluttet. 9 beastmen, 6 orker, en troldkvinde og min chaos champion. En virkelig god fornemmelse at få det hele på plads. Min champion, Kashawa The Bringer of Unknown Pleasures, er en conversion; en halv temple guard fra Shadowforge og en halv Marauder witch elf fra 1991. Skjoldet er lavet af en goblin-ansigt og en hel del green stuff. I det hele taget er der meget green stuff på figuren. Jeg er ikke helt tilfreds med hende, men nu bliver det ikke anderledes. Billeder af de enkelte figurer findes i de ældre indlæg.

Jeg skal naturligvis også lave en baggrundshistorie for gruppen. Tænker at min champion og troldkvinden er søstre. Måske witch elves, der er faldet for Slaaneshs søde sang?

Chaos champion: Kashawa The Bringer of Unknown Pleasures

Chaos champion: Kashawa The Bringer of Unknown Pleasures

Chaos champion

Chaos Champion of Slaanesh


Work in progress: Slaanesh Warband

Jeg er godt på vej med mit 3. udg.-Oldhammer Slaanesh warband. Det er især baserne, der mangler finish på figurerne du ser her. Mine beastmen får hvid hud med pink pels mens orkerne bliver helt traditionelle.

Det her med at fotografere figurer er i øvrigt en ny ting for mig. Det er ikke helt let. Farver ændrer sig, nuancer forsvinder osv. Det kræver lidt øvelse og eksperimenter med lys.  Well, lad mig side det sådan – figurerne ser nok lidt bedre ud i virkeligheden (synes jeg selv), end de gør på billederne.

Citadel beastman 1988

Citadel beastman 1988

Marauder orc 1988

Marauder orc 1988