The enthroned lich king again


I wrote about the enthroned lich king from Grenadier some weeks ago and now he is finished. The throne was missing some pieces, which had to be made, and during the process it dawned on me that there would be no room for the little, undead princess on the throne, next to the lich, despite the fact that this was where I had envisioned her. She thus ended up on a base of her own.


Both the throne and the princess are rather nice models although the sculpting is a bit dodgy in the details. In fact it in some places was hard to see what I was painting. But the over-all effect is quite good and the lich king certainly deserves a place as a centerpiece in some future confrontation.



Next up Tom Meir’s lizardmen.



Problem solved!


By the help of the good people on the Lead Adventures Forum my ‘mystery piece’ is no longer a mystery. As it turns out it indeed is a Grenadier model, produced in ’87, for the Dragon Lords series of boxed sets. This one is entitled Encounter at Kohmar-Lolth. A great name isn’t it? Very Robert E. Howardian. The piece was sculpted by Andrew Chernak.

Encounter at Kohmar-Lolth box

As I suspected two torches and even a crystal ball on a pedestal is missing from the throne. I’ll definitely have to try and make something similar once I get going at the model. As you can see from the picture below a lot of other stuff was also included in the original box, which apparently never made it into the collection I acquired last year.

Encounter at Kohmar-Lolth box backside

I’m actually looking very much forward to get started on this model now. Keep an ey ut for the lich king of Kohmar-Lolth on this blog!