The Maggie Clan

As I mentioned in my last post we played a little Rogue Trader scenario some weeks ago where a band of human and gretchen bandits attacked the Maggie farm – a grim place known and feared for the brutal Maggie clan living there. Desperate times demand desperate actions and the bandits attempted unsuccessfully to steal the reptile cattle belonging to the Maggies. This was unwise, the bandits never made it away from the farm, and Pa Nesbit Maggie could afterwards add a few further notches to his belt.

What you see here is more or less the whole Maggie clan – the only one missing is Puma, the foul tempered hound living on the farm, as well as a farmhand I forgot to put in the picture. You will note Pa Angel and Junior Angel from Citadel’s Judge Dredd line in the front row along with Judge Child in the background. You will also see a further perp from the Judge Dredd range in the back row; a mini which is identical to the Pa Angel miniature except for the head. In the front row you also see the Asian cook from the Citadel Villagers and Townsfolk range. I gave Lu-Fu, as he is called on Maggie’s farm, a lasgun and thus made him one of the best armed in the clan. Finally you also see the farm robot L7. I have no idea who produced this chap but I caught him on Ebay about a year ago for next to nothing. The stupid grin on the robot is perhaps a bit too much but I could not resist the retro look and still quite like the model.

As you see I had to paint the Angel gangers more or less true to their 2000AD look. This is, I’m afraid, rather unimaginative but especially painting Pa Angel was fun and challenging. I would never have come up with a yellow and red striped shirt myself.

That’s all for now.