Hunting and slaying all day long

Here’s what I finished most recently; five old Hunter-Slayers ready to scout for their Tyranid masters. I really love these models and sadly they were only sculpted in two different versions. The malevolent intelligence conveyed in their faces along with the alien physiognomy is simply splendid. They look very much akin to the proto-Tyranids depicted  in the Rogue Trader rulebook which only adds to their general coolness.

Originally the Citadel staff gave these chaps a darkish red colour with bright yellow markings. I was never a big fan of that colour scheme and decided to go with an emulation of this big, beautiful fella who you undoubtedly have seen before.

Before I started working on my Hunter-Slayers I thought the paint job would be quickly finished but they ended up taking me forever. Well, sometimes the most simple things can take surprisingly long time.

I hope you like them. Any thoughts?