As the last rays of the sun sank behind the trees the Nosferatu rose from his crypt


This is the Nosferatu miniature from Foundry. A fine mini with loads of character and brooding menace. To be honest he looks quite a lot like most of the other Nosferatu miniatures kicking around from both small and large Companies.


All of them of course have F. W. Murnau’s silent masterpiece as their inspiration. Browsing around the web one quickly finds great takes on the Nosferatu vampire, such as Dr. Viking’s psychedelic treatment or a recent vampire posted on the great Oldhammer Spain blog.



Dr. Vikoing's converted Nosferatu

Dr. Viking’s converted Nosferatu

Count Orloc from the Oldhammer Spain blog

Count Orloc from the Oldhammer Spain blog

I could not resist sticking closely to the source and went the conservative way. My Foundry vampire is thus almost done in black and white, except that the skin tone has slight hues of yellow and brown. I don’t know if it shows on the photos, but they’re there.



I’ll be back soon with ghouls. Lots of ghouls!





More monks – now with donkey

Yep, I finished more monks. After having painted chaos for a while it’s rather soothing to work with a limited range of muted colours, and I thus found the monks a great fun to paint. The fat monk on the donkey is from Conquest Games, while the young, goofy chap with the axe is from Gripping Beast. The monk with the hands on his back is one of Foundry’s ‘Jolly Monks’, while the anxiously praying one is by Black Tree. All very fine models I think.


Finally we have a dear old friend of mine – the cleric from Citadel’s Adventurer Starter Set launched in 1985 to the joy of countless young collectors. This mini was very likely the first one I ever painted, which perhaps was during the Christmas of ’89. My memory fails me on the exact year, but I still remember how I painted the cleric bright green. Ahh, those were the days of Humbrol enamel and turpentine!  The cleric is not the same model but one I have purchased at a later stage. Sadly I parted with the original one at the stage of early adolescence where minis became slightly embarrassing and uncool among ‘serious’ role-players.


Sorry for my blurry image of the minis by the way. I’m still having some trouble with the lighting at the moment.

Well, no more monks for now. Up next is a slime monster and then a party of adventurers. Stay tuned!


Ora pro nobis

I’m painting monks at the moment. Five of them are now finished, the next are almost done and yet another five await the brush. They are the inhabitants of the small monastery of St Gotthart in the Black Mountains. A small ecclesiastic community dedicated to the ongoing praise of the illustrious St Gotthart – a warrior knight martyred in the struggles against the forces of evil lurking in the deep forests climbing the steep slopes of the region.  Some whisper that St Gotthart perhaps was murdered by his own due to petty jealousy and internal struggle among his warrior brethren, but such things are dismissed by the devout monks.


In a scenario we are going to play in the end of January this small community is facing a dire threat. The vampire Anna Lustig and her coconspirator, the necromancer Peter Luther, are planning their revenge on the monks of St Gottharts order after the friars dispatched their vampire master Walther von Löwe to the Chaos Wastes in a previous confrontation in our campaign. The undead host is now out for bloody revenge and their aim is not only to kill all the monks, but also to burn down the site and claim the relics stored in the temple. It is now up to the monks, a few adventurers who happen to seek shelter for the night in the monastery as well as a selection of other personalities to defend the sacred site against the brutal attackers. Great, pulpy stuff and I’ll write more about the scenario as time approaches.

The monks you see are a diverse lot. I have been collecting monks for a while and those you see here are, from left to right, produced by Gripping Beast, Foundry, Black Tree and the two last are also from Gripping Beast. I really like the monks produced by Black Tree; the minis are full of character and very clean sculpts matching perfectly the old school lead I normally push around. The same goes for the monks from Foundry, although they suffer slightly from some dodgy details, such as the very clumsy club of the one you see here. The monks from Gripping Beast look fine from a distance but up close the sculpting is awkward and the casting very shoddy. Put bluntly I found them disappointing.


What’s your opinion – have you any experience with Gripping Beast minis? Well, more about monks in the coming post.









The Five Chaos Centaurs of the Apocalypse



I’m nearly done with these five, jolly chaos centaurs. Well, sort of. The one with the bell still needs to be finished properly and then there’s of course their shield and the bases. However, they have been a tremendous fun to do, although they have required quite a lot of work.

First I of course had to do the conversions. The minis are more or less converted centaurs from Foundry bought at this year’s BOYL. Basically I had to “evil” them up and change their very serene, Antique look into something more chaotic in the old school way. If I succeeded is not me to judge, but the process was fun.

The colours were chosen rather randomly and they are painted with no particular chaos allegiance. I find myself a bit bored with the typical four choices of chaos at the moment. It feels like a restriction rather than an inspiration.

Anyhow, back to the workbench.









Foot Knights and a nun



I’ve been working on this little group lately and they’re almost done now. Some details need to be finished and the bases are also WIP. I really enjoyed painting the four foot knights. All of them are Foundry recasts of old Citadel models, which I bought last year at the BOYL in Nottingham. Perhaps I’ll get round to buying the rest of the range this year. I hope so.

The last one is a Sister of Sigmar from one of the Mordheim warbands. I need a female cleric for an upcoming scenario I have planned and thought she would fit the bill. In general I like the mini fairly well… except for her hideous, cartoony warhammer. Once I began painting the model I really regretted not snapping the thing off and replacing it with something smaller. Oh well. The rest of the miniature is actually very low-key and, when painted in drab, pseudo-Franciscan colours, she actually turned out fairly well. However, the rest of her sisters will probably remain unpainted for a looong time to come.

Altogether I’m quite pleased with the lot as a whole.

DSCN4879 copy









Crossbows or JoJo the Dog-Faced Boy and friends

I have been able to get a lot of painting done these past two weeks. I’ll post some pictures of the finished minis shortly. However, today I want to share this WIP with y’all: five men-at-arms with crossbows from Foundry. The minis look great from a distance but frankly, on closer inspection, some of them don’t really hold up.

One of them is missing a hand, the are bowstrings chunky and broken and they all had a tremendous amount of flash as well as very pronounced mold lines. Even the face on one of them was completely destroyed by a mold line. I could of course have done some reconstruction with green stuff, but I didn’t really find it worth the effort.

Again, from a distance they look fine, and while generally being a big fan of Foundry’s stuff, I was sadly very disappointed by the quality of these minis. A shame.

I’ll return soon in the company of wolves and goblins.


Heroic fighters and men of the North

Here are the latest miniatures that I have been working on. I mixed bag of warriors. First of we have three men of the North. Two of them are Foundry recasts while the last, the one with the falcon, is a Citadel original. I kind of like these Norse miniatures. The guy with the bird is definitely an old favorite of mine.

Most of them are fairly simple and in fact a lot of them look quite alike; long hair, mustache, furs and sword or spear. Nevertheless they have lots of attitude and it would be great to compile a Norse warband of some sort. Come to think of it – perhaps I should try to do a scenario of some sort where Norse men raid a Norse dwarf settlement or something. One could even throw in some trolls and gnomes to keep up with the Scandinavian theme…

DSCN4288 copy

DSCN4279 copy

DSCN4283 copy

Then we have two fighters – one from Citadel (the winged helmet) and one from Marauder. I really like these unspecified fighters. They frankly reek of adventure and pulpy action. Lots of Citadel’s warriors from the 80’s are as over the top and wild looking as the contemporary chaos miniatures. I think this guy here with the winged helmet is a good example of exactly this.

DSCN4275 copy

Finally we have a somewhat more modest Marauder fighter. Not too much to say about him; very simple and a very simple paint-job. Oh ya, by the way, the motif for the shield was taken from one of the banners shown in the first medieval fight scene in Highlander. This is the level of inspiration which grows out of watching geekie movies while hung-over.

DSCN4272 copy

By the way, none of the bases are finished.


Feudal Knights in Shining Armour


This weekend I found the time to finish some of the Feudal Knights from Foundry I bought during the Oldhammer weekend in Nottingham. While I really like their overall look, I must admit, that I found the individual miniatures slightly messy when it comes to the details. A lot of lines and fuzzy places which I discovered a bit too late. I was in a hurry to get them undercoated and failed to examine them and get them cleaned up properly. A stupid mistake! It would be interesting to hear from anyone who had a chance to compare the Foundry ones with the original Citadel minis. How do they compare?











By the way, the shield designs were taken from a stained glass window from the parish church of Ubberud on the island of Funen in Denmark. I’m currently writing about this church and could not resist the temptation of using the coats-of-arms. The window is dating from c. 1495.


Vampire Hunters

As I wrote in my post from last week, we played a scenario (Dark wings over Herrentahl) at my place this Friday. A fierce and very entertaining confrontation between the heroic Reiksguard and men of the small town of Herrentahl, struggling to free young Anna Lustig from the claws of the vampire Graf Walther von Löwe and his undead protectors. More on this scenario later. I will do a write-up of the special rules etc.

I painted some figures for the scenario. I needed some special characters and had to rummage my lead mountain for passable minis. I also had time to paint up a piece of scenery for the graveyard – a turnable coffin.

First we have Anna Lustig – damsel in distress. A mini from Foundry’s line of Victorian women. I bought her during the Oldhammer weekend in Nottingham for this scenario. A great little mini and so are the others from this pack as well.



Then we have young Lorenz Bultman, Anna Lustig’s fiancé, coming to her the rescue. The model is of course the “Young Fighter” from the Adventurer Starter Set released in 1985. I really like this one – perhaps mostly for nostalgic reasons. He was one of – if not the – first Citadel miniature I ever painted. Keen eyes will note that his sword hand is different. Sadly my young fighter lost a hand over the years and it had to be replaced with a plastic sword from an Empire sprue.



Karl Teuner is the primary priest of Sigmar in Herrentahl. I had no clerics laying around and thus had to use the Grand Theogonist from the Impeiral War Altar – I don’t remember when exactly this was released and the mini is not exactly my cup of tea. However, he fits the role as priest nicely.



Next up is Rudolf “Schöner” Überhals – leader of the ferocious mob of citizens participating in the vampire hunt. Another mini I’m not too fond of. He is one of Gamezone’s Conscript Peasants.



Then we have Gerhard Meincke – leader of the Reiksguards from Herrentahl and leader of the vampire hunters. He is a Foundry recast of an old Citadel foot knight. A great, great mini with lots of character.



And lastly there is my turnable coffin. I think it is a Citadel miniature but I’m not complete certain about this. Does anyone have more info on this coffin? Pretty nice though, right!

IMG_4863 copy


Bondesoldater 1

Fem styk bondesoldater. De fire stammer er fra Foundrys serie af væbnede bønder. En serie jeg er ret glad for. Flere af modellerne har et rigtig fint, udpint look. Ham den store i midten er en gammel Citadel ”man-at-arms”. Ikke den smukkeste model, men han har en eller anden doof charme. Alle figurerne er blevet udstyret med et goblin-skjold fra Hasslefree Miniatures.

Jeg har stadig store problemer med selve fotoarbejdet. Selvom bønderne er malet, så de ser beskidte og grove ud, bliver farverne underligt sjuskede og gnidrede på billederne. Det her er bare et hurtigt snapshot – desværre var resultatet ikke meget bedre under mere kontrollerede forhold. Det her er åbenbart noget, som jeg for alvor må øve mig på.

Fem bondesoldater

Fem bondesoldater