A band of chaos cultists

I needed some Nurgle worshipping chaos cultists for a game of Oldhammer a while ago. My first thought was to start working on my set of Disciples of the Red Redemption, but I ended up deciding against it; too little time and I really want to make sure I get my Disciples done properly once I begin to work on them. Then I came to think of the set of The Cult of the Possessed from the Mordheim range I had lying around somewhere. The models were released in 2004 I think.

While searching for them I remembered the minis with a certain fondness. However, once I had located the box and got to work on the cultists, my enthusiasm somewhat evaporated. I was struck by their clumsy large size as well as the boring, generic modern chaos look of stars, chains and skulls. Very tedious indeed and for the most part I didn’t really enjoy painting them.

But as I have now almost finished the first five models from the set my attitude has changed slightly back again. Their vaguely oriental look actually has something going for them and I was also fairly happy with the filthy, Nurgle-look I was aiming for with the paintjob.

Well, they’ll never become favorites of mine and they work surprisingly bad together with older (Citadel) minis because of their size. Nevertheless I now have a handful of painted Nurgle cultist ready to field and that’s always something. The two remaining models from the set will have to wait a while – I need to paint some old school lead again now.