Three newly painted beastmen

Here’s a few beastmen I finished recently. I had them hanging on my desk for a while and wanted to have them finished now. Otherwise I’m not focusing on chaos at the moment but monks –and lots of them! More about that in a later post. But back to the beastmen. There’s really not that much to tell – more 80’s Citadel goodness painted with complete disregard to the standard colours of the four great old ones of the chaos pantheon. As mentioned before, I’m quite bored with the self-imposed limitations to the choice of colours when it comes to chaos.

The photos don’t really do the paintwork much justice, but I find myself seriously challenged by the lighting conditions at the moment and I’m actually considering buying some sort of artificial light system. Well, more post are in the pipeline. Stay tuned.


foto 3

foto 2

foto 1

Impressions from Horisont Con 2014 – Part 1




Here’s a quick, image-heavy post with impressions from this year’s Horisont Con in Odense. Claus and I presented our Vale of the Small Jalous Gods-scenario and managed to play it twice. The first game was a bit rough around the edges but great fun. The second game ran more smoothly and was highly entertaining. The lesson to be learned from this – play-test your scenarios before you run them on a con! Deep wisdom, I know. The con stretched from Friday to Sunday last weekend – Friday consisted mostly of getting settled, chatting and drinking beer, Saturday was a day of hardcore gaming, some more beer-drinking and chatting, whereas Sunday was mostly packing the whole thing down. Altogether Horisont was good fun and I’ll certainly return next year.

In this post you’ll find pics from our scenario. In the Next one you will see some pics from all of the other stuff going on. DSC_0056

















At the altars of chaos – Another WIP picture


Just a quick update: Here you see the four altars which are to stand in the shrines of the small jealous gods who inhabit the vale named after said deities. From left to right you find the altar of Zhutlzzher – Lord of Screams and Spit, Ooeq’occ – Lord of Fumes and Smoke, Hlzyi – Lord of Dryness and Dust and finally Ssanil – Lord of Howls and Itching.

The altars are now on their way to be undercoated. Once they are painted I’ll show you the result.





Five beastmen looking for trouble

foto 14_1

My painting endeavors have been slowed down lately due to work-related travels. However, I have managed to finish this bunch of beastmen. A mix of models painted with no thoughts as to their chaos allegiance. In fact I picked five random colours (blue, brown, reddish purple, pink and a flesh tone) and assigned one of them as the primary colour for each model.

The flesh coloured monkey-man in green armour is a bit interesting. The models is by no means the proudest moment in Citadel history, nevertheless it shows how easily older models were adjusted or reworked into new ones. This is for instance apparent when one compares the monkey-man with his alligator-man cousin (see below) who is a much more coherent mini and thus probably the first to see the light of day.

And if you are wondering who the little purple, skinny chap is photobombing the group shot of old Citadel lead, I can tell you that he is an old Grenadier beastman. I have had him in my leadpile for ages and decided to include him among the beefy Citadel chaps on a whim. To be honest he doesn’t work well with the others; he’s much too small when compared to the Citadel minis, but kind of like the ol’ Grenadier beastman, who has a certain charm to it, so who cares.

 foto 32foto14_1

foto 112_1foto 21½_1

foto 12_1foto 31_1

Citadel-beastman 1988

The alligator-man

foto 4_1foto 5_1

foto 1_1foto 3_1







The Five Chaos Centaurs of the Apocalypse



I’m nearly done with these five, jolly chaos centaurs. Well, sort of. The one with the bell still needs to be finished properly and then there’s of course their shield and the bases. However, they have been a tremendous fun to do, although they have required quite a lot of work.

First I of course had to do the conversions. The minis are more or less converted centaurs from Foundry bought at this year’s BOYL. Basically I had to “evil” them up and change their very serene, Antique look into something more chaotic in the old school way. If I succeeded is not me to judge, but the process was fun.

The colours were chosen rather randomly and they are painted with no particular chaos allegiance. I find myself a bit bored with the typical four choices of chaos at the moment. It feels like a restriction rather than an inspiration.

Anyhow, back to the workbench.









WIP: In the Vale of the Small Jealous Gods, part 2


Two weeks ago I posted some WIP pictures of a chaos champion who is to star in the scenario ”In the Vale of the Small Jealous Gods”. An Oldhammer scenario Claus and I have decided to present at this year’s Horizon convention in Silkeborg in Novenber. There are still quite a lot of preparations to do for the scenario, but the first of four champions is now more or less finished. The base is, for instance, still needs to be done.


He still needs a name and proper background, but his chaos attributes are in place. This beautiful chap was thus blessed with a crown of toes (hidden beneath his helmet!), being very fast and having a huge head.  I have painted him in Nurgle-like colours but actually we haven’t decided on his allegiance yet.


I have also begun preparing the next champion. A chaos dwarf with the following two gifts:  resilient and a skull face. I had to amputate two thirds of his head to give him his skull face, but the result – although not completely finished – is quite successful. At least I achieved what I set out to do, which with my modeling skills counts as a succes! More about this little champ soon.


There’s still a lot of work to do and most of it will probably end up on this blog at some point.


WIP: A chaos champion with a huge head


Howdy. Here’s a little something I want to share with you. It’s a WIP I’m currently working on. A chaos champion randomly created through Orlygg’s “chaos bands made easy” post on his blog. Actually this chap was created very late in Stansted Airport while Claus and I were waiting for our plane, going back to Copenhagen from this year’s BOYL. I rolled the following attributes for this guy: 1: a “crown of toes” (!),2:  a “huge head” and 3: “very fast”. I tried to make the crown of toes work but it didn’t look right and “very fast” is hard to show. I thus ended up with this bobblehead of a champion. The conversion was wickedly fun to do and I’m really eager to get a go at the painting now. Actually he’s already undercoated white and drying while I write this.

He still lacks a name – more on this to come. In fact quite a lot more I think. He’s the first of four champions we created for a little Oldhammer scenario entitled “Vale of the Small Jealous Gods” which we will be running at the Horizon Convention in Silkeborg this November.

We’ll post more about the scenario soon and hopefully we’ll be able to get some of the other “oldhammerer” from Denmark or even the nearby countries to join us.



Lads insane

I’m still working on Tzeentch-themed minis. Here’s a recent effort – the blue incarnations of the Pink Horror I finished a while ago. It’s two first generation Blue Horrors in all their grotesque glory. The paintjob was fairly easy but in fact it was a challenge to come up with ways to break all the blue. I went with yellow and light green details. The fingers on the one to the left looks messy in the photo but in real life the blending of the yellow, blue and green works.

Tomorrow I’m heading for Kliplev to play an Oldhammer scenario entitled “Like a bat out of hell…” with Claus and Anders which I’m very excited about. I’ll of course try to give you a report of the proceedings.

Stay heavy.



Giant Plant Horror of Tzeentch


I have been working on-and-off on this monstrosity for a while and managed to finish it a couple of nights ago. Basically I needed some sort of flesh eating giant plant for a scenario we are going to play in a few weeks. I went looking for suitable plastic plants on the Internet but could not find exactly what I was looking for. That is a huge Venus flytrap-looking plant like the one from the remake of Roger Corman’s Little Shop of Horrors. Thus I finally decided to build the thing myself.


It’s a fairly simple job. For the plant heads I used some leaves from an old plastic plant I had already while the rest more or less was made from scratch. In the scenario the plant is created by a sorcerer of Tzeentch, I therefore decided to keep the colours of the plastic plant and to paint my flesh eating horror in tzeentchian colours. At the same time I had in mind that it also could serve as some sort of weird space plant or terrain piece for the chaos wastes in future games.

It took some time to finish but it was actually quite fun. The whole process was documented almost step-by-step and you can see the pictures here.

Oh, and by the way, plane tickets and the hotel is now booked for the BOYL event in August! Need I tell how excited I am?



















Baar the Moonfaced


I more or less finished this delightful mini this weekend. Actually I only need to clean up the transparent stick and that’s it. It’s for sure one of the weirder chaos models Citadel produced back in the day. I guess it’s one big homage to John Blanche and his wonderful recurring moonfaced characters. The miniature is packed with details and it took me ages to finish. It probably didn’t help that I ended up doing some conversions on him and went overboard on the base with all the greenstuff plants.

The amount of details was truly a challenge when it came to choosing the colours. Initially I had envisioned something different for him, a metallic, golden look actually. However, I couldn’t make it work and ended up with something traditional tzeentchian.

His name is Baar and I think he’ll jump on this disc and swing by the BOYL-event.