Brunhilde Oldhammer-style

One of the many lighthearted minis produced by Citadel back in the day is definitely this so-called barbarian, sculpted by one of the Perry brothers, I believe, and released in ‘87. The model is funny and delightfully absurd it its use of the Viking tropes culled from Nineteenth-Century historicism. The template for the pompous lady is of course the character of Brunhilde from Wagner’s “Ring”, specifically as Brunhilde was portrayed by Amalie Materna (1844-1918). Or at least how Materna later came to be received in popular culture as the archetypical ‘fat opera singer’ as in ‘it ain’t over till the fat lady sings…’ etc. Sadly the mini was not sculpted with the iconic wings on Brunhilde’s helmet, but it is still close enough to be a clear homage.

The glorious Amalie Materna (1844-1918) as Brunhilde.

As to the mini itself I did a fairly simple paintjob, going for a reuse of the same colours on her shield and at the bottom of her robe. A slight unevenness in the sculpting of the face, combined with her round cheeks, makes her face rather hard to finish in a satisfying way. Somehow she looks a bit cross-eyed no matter how you do the eyes, but I guess this is part of her charm. I enjoyed painting her anyway, and I am glad to have her in my collection.

Some time ago Foundry rereleased her along with other classic barbarians from Citadel. Mine is a Citadel original, but it certainly is nice to have her available again at, if not little money (this is Foundry we are talking about), then at least a cheaper price than what we often see on Ebay.



A cool, classic barbarian

Another quick post today. Here is a Citadel barbarian I finished recently. It’s a great mini, I think, full of Frazetta-style barbarian vigor. Citadel produced a substantial number of these barbarians during the 80’s and I guess they are close to the heart of many fans of pulp fantasy along the lines of Conan, Kothar and all of their ilk. I certainly am. In fact I would love to do a whole warband and scenario around the barbarians.

The photos are from the same photo session as the previous two posts on the blog and somehow the camera did not really work with me that day. Everything seems a bit flat or muddy in the images. In the ‘flesh’ the barbarian looks a lot better, if I should say so myself, but then again, this is quite often the case with our minis, is it not?

Well, up next images of orcs and more orcs.