Soldiers of Misfortune


Ten Skeletons marching through the Deadcember sunlight. Nine of them are of course the original Citadel plastic skeleton warriors released in 1988 (I think) to general acclaim. I normally don’t care much for plastic and resin miniatures but I can only second those who still today consider these skellies some of the best skeleton models ever produced. In the back of the group the keen eye will see a later, slightly larger generation of skeleton which I guess was released when the Vampire Counts army came about as a concept.    

I have a quite large collection of plastic skeleton of diverse generations and almost all of them have been glued together and painted by their previous owners. The somewhat fragile nature of these models makes them difficult to strip and repaint but I’m quite pleased with the way these guys, which are the first skeleton warriors I’ve painted for years, turned out.


Up next I’ll conclude my Dolgan Raiders series.