Isle of Dread, Chapter 4: Camp raid

In this fourth chapter of our Isle of Dread-campaign the camp of Malcon deWitt and his group was attacked by a mysterious patrol of amazons and tribesmen. The attacking patrol was on its way back to the heart of the island, where their stronghold is placed within an ancient, ruined temple. On their way they discovered Malcon’s camp. Curious as to the origin and plans of these strangers the amazons decided to kidnap a member of Malcon’s group in order to interrogate their victim at a later stage.

When the amazons attacked the camp Malcon and most of his men were out hunting and collecting fresh water. There was only four members of the party back in the camp, facing the attackers. However, their fellow travelers heard their cries for help and rushed back to the camp, attempting to get there in time. What no one from the hunting party knew was that a giant constrictor snake pursued them back through the jungle. While the returning hunters thus rushed to the rescue they were at the same time attacked from the rear by the giant monster.

In the end Malcon and his party succeeded in fighting off the attackers. They also managed to capture a tribesman and an amazon and thus had the opportunity to question them as to what was waiting for them in the heart of the island. more about this in the next chapter.    

The rules for the scenario were quite simple. Beforehand we rolled which four models from Malcon’s group would be left in the camp during the attack. Rasmus, playing the camp group, luckily rolled all characters, which certainly made it difficult for the attackers. Malcon and the rest of the hunting party would return on a 5+ (rolled on a D6), tested at the start of each turn.

The giant snake would enter the table the turn after the hunting party came onto the table. Again, Malcon was lucky, and entered the table in the second turn of the combat, which all in all made it rather difficult for the tribesmen and amazons as their momentum more or less was nonexistent. As a side note I can mention that all the amazons were each equipped with one dose of magic Koka Powder. The powder could be imbibed during the Magic Phase and give the model one extra action that turn.

The aim of the attackers was, as said, to kidnap a victim and drag a model off the table. We thus established that when fighting you could roll to knock unconscious or to wound as normal. When hitting to knock unconscious the opponent would count as having double wounds; hence you will note some small red dice on the table.  

This is what the game looked like. We were playing in a slightly underlit basement, which shows in the pictures.  

The 6×4 table we played on

The peaceful camp just prior to the attack

Jolly and Ricco hear something approaching the camp and prepare themselves for trouble

The patrol of amazons approaching the camp through the underbrush

Malcon, Peter and the men-at-arms rushing back towards the camp

The camp. One of the soldiers is moving the two pack mules away from the action

Amazons approaching

Bringing the mules into safety

Tribesmen advancing together with the amazons

The giant snake following the trail of Malcon and his men

Ricco hiding in the bushes in order to sneak around the approaching enemies

Jolly Drake shouting the alarm

The hunters rushing back to the camp

amazons and tribesmen entering the clearing where the camp is located

Tribesmen charging forward

The giant snake

Ricco all of the sudden found himself in deep water

Jolly face to face with a fierce amazon

Ricco fighting off tribesmen

The hunters returned in time to protect the camp. Malcon’s hound Kenza was the first to charge the enemy

Ricco slays the last tribesman

Jolly having downed an amazon with two lucky shots from his sling

Kenza, the hound, suddenly was surrounded by enemies

Peter the Melancholic was the first to discover the giant snake hot on their heels

One of Malcon’s loyal fighters face to face with a tribesman

The enemy pushes into the camp

Ghimar, the barbarian, and Malcon charge into the tribesmen and amazons

The situation was looking dire

Amazons attacking

Peter joins the struggle to help

The enemies proved no true hallenge to Malcon and Ghimar

The snake killed creeps forward into the camp

Fighting all over the camp

The snake takes on its second victim

Ricco and one of the fighters did what they could to hold back the tribesmen

Malcon started to chase off the last of the attackers

The snake was inside the camp now

Mopping up the rest. Malcon attacked the snake and sent it back into the jungle

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