Back with the orcs again

Here I am once again with more orcs. I have painted way too many of those lately and they really start to bore me now, but those two I post here and a few more, which in fact are finished, were the last I needed to do at this stage. This means that I will be able to focus on other stuff, the results of which I will be able to show you soon. In fact all I need is some time to take photos of the minis, which sometimes can be a bit of a hassle. You probably know what I mean.

There is not much to tell about the Citadel orcs you see here. Both are really nice models of an orc vintage I love. I chose a somewhat dark skin tone for both of them, which I at this moment seem to prefer over the lighter tones of green I also use. But this varies constantly and in a few months it will probably be the lighter tone I prefer again. This switches all the time.

The orc on the right is of course of Talisman fame. I was not trying to copy the colours used on the character card from the game, but the image must have been on my mind somehow, as there certainly is a lot of similarities.

The orc character card from Talisman, 2nd ed.

I will be back soon and this time not with orcs… or goblins!

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