Hoowee! Off to find the rest of the pack

These two goblin wolf riders are off to join the rest at the pack I painted a few years ago. Now there is 12 of them. I had forgotten how time-consuming these minis are. At least I have a tendency to underestimate the time it takes to paint mounted minis – even such simply models as these wolves. But then again, I know that I am a sloooow painter. I cheated a bit this time though and went with some slightly boring, generic shields. Usually I prefer to do a bit more impulsive stuff on shields, but I guess I just wanted to be done with these two guys and get on with the rest of the greenskins still on my to do-list.

As I am writing this I still have six goblins and one orc to go, which should be fairly manageable given the fact that I need them to be done by October. However, I am really looking forward to paint other stuff and hopefully I will have these last minis finished soon so that I can focus on other things.

I will be back with the next instalment in our Isle of Dread-campaign soon.

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