A cool, classic barbarian

Another quick post today. Here is a Citadel barbarian I finished recently. It’s a great mini, I think, full of Frazetta-style barbarian vigor. Citadel produced a substantial number of these barbarians during the 80’s and I guess they are close to the heart of many fans of pulp fantasy along the lines of Conan, Kothar and all of their ilk. I certainly am. In fact I would love to do a whole warband and scenario around the barbarians.

The photos are from the same photo session as the previous two posts on the blog and somehow the camera did not really work with me that day. Everything seems a bit flat or muddy in the images. In the ‘flesh’ the barbarian looks a lot better, if I should say so myself, but then again, this is quite often the case with our minis, is it not?

Well, up next images of orcs and more orcs.



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