Careful, the apeman is angry

This little, angry chap I finished a few nights ago. It is the Apeman from Citadel’s Night Horrors range and released around 1987, I believe. The mini is slightly crude and not particularly interesting, but while painting it the apeman really started growing on me and I am now really looking forward to using him in an upcoming game. The paintjob is very simple but I tried to work in some subtle changes in the colouring of the fur, which sadly has disappeared in the photos. Well, they are there, believe me.’

While he ended looking very much like a typical ‘snow ape’, my inspiration for the paintjob actually came specifically from this illustration found in the AD&D 2ed Monstrous Compendium. I always liked the odd little scene portrayed in the image; in particularly the strikingly not very D&D fighter. Fun stuff.  



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