See these eyes so green…

In the waning light of the sun she prowled back to the village

In the waning light of the sun she prowled back to the village

It’s time to start showing some of the minis I have been working on these past months, which is mostly Rogue Trader Stuff, but also some fantasy, which is what I’ll show you in this post.


This is the tiny, tiny Werefox from Citadel’s diverse and great Night Horrors-series. The pictures did not really turn out that good, which is a shame, as I’m actually quite pleased with how she turned out. There is not much to say about the mini which, as said, is very small, and with limited details. Never the less it is a splendid piece with a strong presence and an absolute pleasure to paint.


I’ve mostly seen her painted in foxy red colours so I decided to go for a pale, sort of snow fox look, which I think makes her slightly more menacing than the regular fox-skin tones, but I guess that’s really a matter of taste.

Well, that’s all for now




3 thoughts on “See these eyes so green…

  1. Cool! She’s a lovely little thing mate, and I completely agree about the paler colours – I haven’t seen her painted before, but I can imagine her in more foxy colours… I like yours better 😉

  2. I think she looks a whole lot scarier painted up in this off white colour scheme, compared to a normal fox colour…..she’d end up looking like a puppet I think 😀

    Great shading on her too, with the yellow and grey…cool!

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