Conrad Moon and his gang


This Sunday I’m playing a game of Pulp Alley with Phreedh again – our second game and I’m looking forward to seeing what the planet of McKemmler IV has in store for us this time. I just finished this little gang of bad guys for the game. The gang leader – dressed in green – is the ever-charming scoundrel and opportunist Conrad Green. His closets ally or sidekick is the brute Demp (on the far right) and with along with them you see the three Ork henchmen Fenk, Gumbah and Larma – all muscle and no brains of course. Finally we also have Zyph – a docile being originating from the planet Schekyl, whose tentacles and flippers have proven quite useful when trying to force doors and the like open.


The Conrad Green model is of the Jerry Cornelius miniature from Citadel’s magnificent Eternal Champion box released in 1986, and the Cornelius miniature is one of my favorites from the set. A true little gem of vintage, high-cheekboned Jes Goodwin goodness. I could not help myself painting him up in the same colours as the image which inspired the miniature, as there can be little doubt that the mini is heavily inspired by the paperback cover of Avon’s Jerry Cornelius omnibus released in ’77. A great collection, absolutely worthwhile tracking down.  The top-notch cover was illustrated by cool cat Stanislaw Fernandes and I would surely like to paint a pink car to go the Cornelius miniature the complete the picture.


Paperback, Avon Books 1977, with the cover painting by Stanislaw Fernandes

Paperback, Avon Books 1977, with the cover painting by Stanislaw Fernandes

Demp and his gang are all Citadel Space Orks and all except Demp are troopers from the Space Ork Raiders boxset released in ’88 (I think); a great set which I managed to acquire for a quite reasonable price some months ago.


Finally we have Zyph and I must confess to be complete oblivious to the origin of the miniature. I suspect it is a Grenadier model, but I’m not sure, and I have no idea what is it supposed to be. In fact I don’t even remember from where I got the model. It has been resting in my pile of chaos stuff for quite some years now as I planned to use it as some sort of minor demon, but now he found use as a space alien which probably is a bit more true to the original intention of the miniature. Can any one of you identify it for me?


That’s it for now. Any thoughts?






6 thoughts on “Conrad Moon and his gang

  1. Awesome! I’m doing the battle reports and needed a reference for the names – and a group shot. Will nick yours, with proper credit of course.

    I’m very curious what the origins of Zyph may be.

    • Thanks Phreedh. I’ll be looking very much forward to read your reports on the action. I’m also curious as to his (it’s?) origin. I guess I’ll have to do some research on this or do the simple thing and post something on LAF.

      • Do that – I posted a thread on the Oldhammer forums but no dice. I’ve been scanning the Lost Minis Wiki too, to no avail.

        I’m actually typing up the reports now, the li’l one is napping and I’m enjoying a cigar and some nice weather on the veranda. The small joys of parental leave! =)

  2. I’ve seen that green dude painted up a few times over the years, but never knew that the inspiration for him came from a book cover. He fits right in with the RT aesthetic….sporting a suit & a Lasgun 😀

    I like your Space Ork paint jobs…the rubble bases look Boss too!

    Top stuff Martin 🙂

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