Constant war for constant soldiers


Here’s a little WIP pictures of what is currently on my workbench; six wonderful beaky space marines. I simply love these miniatures. I still need to finish the backpacks and the bases but the rest is more or less done. I call them the Angst Brothers and for the time being I plan to paint all my marines as belong to this little group of mercenary soldiers. The name and colours I nicked from this Rogue Trader commercial.


It’s very dark here in Copenhagen at the moment and the quality of the pictures suffers accordingly but hopefully you can get some sense of how the marines look.


Rogue Trader has not made an appearance of this blog previously but this is going to change as I’m planning to actually get some of my RT lead painted this spring. I’m also working on some miniatures for the Orc’s Drift campaign, but once those are done I’ll dedicate painting time to miniatures from the grim, far future.








7 thoughts on “Constant war for constant soldiers

  1. They look great Martin, a very nice and effective colour scheme. Look forward to have them dispense the righteous justice of the Imperium in my basement soon!

    • Thanks. I can’t really take the credit for the colour scheme though. I hope they fare well in whatever we come up with. I’m looking forward to the basement session!


  2. Hi Martin,

    I reckon painting up marines in unique chapter colours is half the fun in RT. I like the stripy camo you’ve “borrowed” 😛 Their looking great!

    I’m almost done painting up a mob of about 40 oldschool Space Wolves atm….should be done in a week or so…..what a hard slog it is 😀

    I’m slowly getting through you old posts, so I’ll leave comments on another half dozen or so. You’ve got quite a lot of cool content for me to gawk at 🙂

    Cheers 🙂

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