I’m the lizard king, I can do anything

IMAG0024 (1)

Now this was a fun miniature to work on. It’s an old piece by Asgard; a so-called Dragon Newt, sculpted somewhere in the early 80’s. A type of monster that I don’t have encountered before and I’m thus not sure about the idea behind the mini as such. I really like the slender, cat-like shape and pose of the newt. It looks highly dynamic and threatening, but also has something of that docile, alienating reptile-look that makes them so hard to relate to (at least for me).


There’s not much to say about the mini and the paint-job as such. I had to do quite a lot of filing before it was ready to be painted, but that’s almost the case with oldies like this one.  Nevertheless I must say that this piece really won my heart. I liked it before I started painting and now I like it even more.


By the way, sorry for the drizzle on the newt’s head. I forgot to brush it away before taking the pictures.


Well, any thoughts?



4 thoughts on “I’m the lizard king, I can do anything

  1. Nice model, I’m a big fan of unusual monsters myself (though hardly ever paint any). The colour scheme works great, suitably reptilian and dangerous looking.

    • Thanks. If you’re a fan of odd monsters this newt is really worthwhile getting your hands on. The mini is rather large and thus looks very dangerous on the table.

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