Crazed amazons straight out of Lustria’s steamy jungles


Things have been rather slow when it comes to blog posts these lasts weeks. A nasty combination of much work and quite a lot of preparations for this year’s Horisont Con in Odense more or less stole away any chance to write about what I was doing. However, things have settled down now and over the next days I’ll show you what I and my sometime co-blogger Claus Kliplev have been up to.


However before we go into the Oldhammer scenario we presented, I here show you the amazons I mentioned in the last post. A selection of the great, great models released sometime around ’85. Is a fair selections of models from the range and I finished two models more for the scenario. Those you’ll get to see at a later stage. The remainder of the group will have to rest peacefully in my lead mountain until something inspires me to finish the lot.


The Second Citadel Compendium, 1985

The Second Citadel Compendium, 1985

The amazon range

The amazon range

These amazons are a wonderful bunch with a ton of wild character. The colour scheme I partially nicked from the cover of the Second Citadel Journal, where the amazons appeared inside for the first time, and the absolutely splendid paintjob done by Thantsants. All in all I’m rather pleased with the result. They weren’t easy to paint though. They are marred by quite a lot of flash, very thick mold lines running through faces and other important places on the minis as wells as some crude sculpting here and there. All of this is what you have to accept when dealing with pre-slotta stuff like this and when it comes down to it I in fact enjoy these small flaws as part of the character of the miniatures. There is a certain beauty in these imperfections which really appeals to me and I find myself drawn more and more towards this early stuff, where creativity seems to have reigned somewhat more freely than later in the 80’s where the conception of the Warhammer world began to find its form.



Well, that’s it for now. Be prepared for more posts soon. Up next is Tom Meier’s fantastic Troglodytes.

4 thoughts on “Crazed amazons straight out of Lustria’s steamy jungles

    • They are for sure worth tracking down. With some patience they’re even to find at a reasonable price. Thanks for stepping by.


  1. There’s no school like the old school. These old minis are the most inspiring for me to play with too. You helped finish these capable women off with cool jungle bases as well!

    Cheers 🙂

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