The enthroned lich king again


I wrote about the enthroned lich king from Grenadier some weeks ago and now he is finished. The throne was missing some pieces, which had to be made, and during the process it dawned on me that there would be no room for the little, undead princess on the throne, next to the lich, despite the fact that this was where I had envisioned her. She thus ended up on a base of her own.


Both the throne and the princess are rather nice models although the sculpting is a bit dodgy in the details. In fact it in some places was hard to see what I was painting. But the over-all effect is quite good and the lich king certainly deserves a place as a centerpiece in some future confrontation.



Next up Tom Meir’s lizardmen.



6 thoughts on “The enthroned lich king again

  1. That’s turned out really, really nicely. As I said in a previous post, it’s a wonderful centrepiece.

    Iron Wind Metals are recasting the old troglodytes/lizardmen shortly and I’m probably going to pick some up. Obviously I’m very keen to see what you’ve done with yours.

    • Thanks Gareth! I did not know that Iron Wind as planning to release the Meir Lizard sets. That is great new. I have both the lizard men and the troglodytes but it is still splendid that they will be readily available once again. Tom Meir’s lizards and dragons are among my absolute favorites when it comes to scaly creatures.

  2. Very atmospheric. Nice restoration job. The princess is a bit….funny. Looks like a regular human with the face stripped off. Maybe it’s a concubine and the liche likes them ‘thick enough to pinch’.

    • Cheers Daveb. I admit that the princess is a bit strange. She is indeed a perfectly normal human with a skeletal face. But I like the freakiness of it. What puzzles me more is the lizard/creature she is leaning on. What’s that about? I should perhaps check up on the backstory for the set.

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