Ghouls night out


I have been painting a lot of ghouls lately, as I said in the previous post. This batch is 12 ghoulies from Games Workshop. In fact it’s the last metal ghouls they produced and in my opinion some of the best from the company. I believe they were released around ‘99. They’re not as good as the little group Citadel ghouls from the mid-80’s, but certainly better than their pot-bellied cousins from the 90’s or the plastic horrors currently available.

They were sculpted by Paul Muller, the ghoul master, and he did a great job. They are certainly similar to the ghouls from Heresy, if slightly larger and somewhat more benign. In fact several of these ghouls have slightly goofy facial expressions and Muller clearly attempted to tone down the horrific elements in the ghouls, making them a bit more child friendly. This is a shame, but they still look great.


I painted the skin slightly darker this time and had no gore fest, but stuck to the same look in general, which I think works well enough. I did a few weapon swaps and conversions, such as the standard, in order to have 12 individual models.

Any thoughts?


I’ll be back soon with, you guessed it, more ghouls!






6 thoughts on “Ghouls night out

  1. Really nice paint job on them. I particularly like the bases with the fungus etc, very fitting. The standard looks great too, what’s the story behind it’s build/painting?

    • Thanks Somet and sorry for this late reply. Things have been a bit busy here at my end of things. I’m also very pleased with the bases. The standard actually springs from my fascination with trashy horror flicks from the 70’s. I took inspiration from the poster of a Jean Rollin movie (Le frisson des vampire) and more or less copied a small part of it.


      • No worries on the reply, I know how busy feels! Having never heard of that movie I’ve just Google imaged it and wow you’ve done a great job of

  2. Nice horde, great looking banner. The pale skin and sunken dark eyes make them look very creepy. Is the guy on the left a conversion? Don’t remember that figure holding a skull.

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