Can you help me ID this?


A while ago I bought this nice piece rather cheaply along with a lot of other odds and ends. And since we’re soon going to play a scenario with an undead theme (In the Hall of the Ghoul King) in September I thought it would be nice to use the model and give it a role in the game.


Well, I actually thought the piece was complete but once I had it stripped of its rather thick layers of paint, I discovered that something appears to be missing. There’s a hole in the left side of the base clearly intended for something – a torch or lamp perhaps – and a part might also have been snapped off on the right side of the throne.


Curious as to what is missing I attempted to find the miniature on Google but with no result. My initial feeling was that this must be a Grenadier model, but so far I’ve not been able to get this confirmed.


My question is thus if you can identify this mini and perhaps direct me to a picture of the whole thing in a complete state?




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