Shambling out of the darkness looking for revenge


It’s all about undeads at the moment on my to do-list. Luckily this is a rather refreshing thing as I haven’t done that much in this department within the recent years. What you see here is three Citadel mummies. Lovely miniatures, aren’t they?


I really like their shambling posture and crumbling appearance. The mummy on the far right – with the slotta tab sweetly labelled “Mummsie” – was part of the small range to be used with Curse of The Mummy’s Tomb board game (1988), but also a part of the Night Horrors range along with the two other mummies you see here.


There is precedence for painting the skin of mummies in some bright blue, purple or green colour. This adds contrast to the otherwise very brown, muted colours of the bandages, but I prefer to go all in on the drab look and keep it subtle.


The mummies were certainly quick to paint, fun to work on and the result is more or less what I aimed to achieve.


Any thoughts?



4 thoughts on “Shambling out of the darkness looking for revenge

  1. With mummies even glowing eyes are a step too far for me. I much prefer a blackened, petrified skin tone to the fluorescent approach favoured by most painters. Splendid work!

    • Thanks Somet. I actually agree with you. Leaving the eyes as black pits would indeed be the right choice. I’ll remember that the next time I dabble with mummies.

  2. Danger! Combustible! Keep contents away from heat or direct flame.

    I quite like the blue skinned look myself (I have some WIP mummies with the blue). I image the weird preservative linaments stain the skin odd tones.

    • Thanks for the comment Daveb – I’m looking forward to seeing you bluetoned mummies. Perhaps they’ll convince me that contrasting colours indeed is the way to go.
      And yes – watch out for those dry fellas… They spread disease too you know!

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