Ghouly trolls… or something


These three, large chaps are trolls from the illustrious Canadian company RAFM Miniatures, a company whose miniatures until the age of the Internet was something I solely knew from the pages of Dragon Magazine where they would usually be promoted and scrutinized in the “Through the Looking Glass” section. All three trolls were, to my knowledge, produced around 1988-89, but here I may be mistaken, as my knowledge about the company is a bit sketchy.


In September we’re going to play a scenario entitled “In the Hall of the Ghoul King” (more about this later) and the lads you see here will be serving as ancient, gargantuan ghouls who over the centuries have grown to enormous size on a diet of flesh, bone and marrow supplied by their elusive king.


I rather like all three models very much, but the horned one is my favorite. The miniatures is perhaps a bit crudely sculpted, but his face and oddly hulking posture combined with the long, thin limbs gives the mini a scary, almost surreal look. The two others though are great as well. I love the face and fat belly of the club-wielding one and the last, crouching troll-ghoul looks perfectly rotten. Nice! All of them had quite a lot of flash and some very obvious mold lines and they thus demanded quite a lot of prep-work before I could paint them, nevertheless I must confess, that I’m pleased with the result.


My favorite of the lot sold as a Plague Troll

My favorite of the lot sold as a Plague Troll


This one is sold as an Undead Troll

This one is sold as an Undead Troll


This last one is simply sold as a Troll Warrior

This last one is simply sold as a Troll Warrior


A close-up of the bases

A close-up of the bases

5 thoughts on “Ghouly trolls… or something

  1. Very cool find. The tiny black and white photos on RAFMs site always look so underwhelming, nice to see some with a lick of colour on them. I really like your leaf litter on the bases and scenery….what do you use for it?
    Also, the back drop is very thematic. What/Where in the world is it?

  2. Thanks. They are indeed quite nice these trolls. The stuff I use on the bases as well as on the scenery is a mixture of diverse types of flock, spices, sand, cork, coffee powder, pepper, poppy seeds and all sorts of other stuff. It’s something I’m still working on, but I want to achieve some sort of mossy, old organic feel to my bases. The photo backdrop is just some random landscape I found and printed. I can’t remember what I typed in Google; perhaps something like foggy landscape or something like that.

  3. Thanks for this, I don’t think I’ve ever seen these models before. Great paint jobs, I’m particularly taken by the crouching ‘undead troll’. Nice work.

  4. Thanks for your comments to the both of you. I agree with you Gareth, the undead troll is certainly creepy, but to my mind the plague troll is the scarier one. There is an uncanny absurdity to the miniature which makes it really unnerving.

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