Aggressive, green hoi polloi


This is my latest effort; yet another small band of greenskins. Painting them was pure comfort food as these models simply sparkle with character and overall greatness. There’s not much to tell about them. All except one are classic Citadel greenskins from around ’87 – although the goblin with the shield might be a year or two earlier.


The exception is a fine goblin by Crooked Claw Miniatures. The mini was clearly sculpted in a classic punk outfit with studded leather west, mohawk and a Sid collar. Picking up on that I decided to do the paint-job in the same spirit, keeping the leather black, the studs steely, the nails red and plenty of eyeliner for the guy. What fun.




I hope you like them. I certainly do.







2 thoughts on “Aggressive, green hoi polloi

    • Thanks! You should definitely take a look at your greenskins. I highly recommend having a go at these old school boyz ‘n gobbos once in a while. It’s fun to paint them and each model is loaded with personality which certainly gets the inspirational juices going.

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