Evil at heart: A few dark elves


Here are a few dark elves I recently had time to finish. They’ve been lurking at the top of my “to do”-list for some time now and I’m very happy to be able to cross them off the list. The minis are great and I find myself growing more and more fond of the classic Citadel dark elves. The arrogance and menace conveyed in these miniatures is simply fantastic. There’s so much character and personality in each model which is completely lost in their later incarnations.

But I’ll admit one thing – I find these elves quite taxing to paint. They are smallish, slender minis covered in delicate details. It takes forever to finish them and there is the constant risk of muddying the result by too many or too few different colours. But the end result makes it worthwhile.


The colours I used perhaps not the most innovative but I really like the classic combo of black, blue and purple so why do something different just for the sake of doing it differently. Thus Black, blue and purple are recurring but interspersed with other colours as well, adding to a more individual look on each mini.


Well, that’s it for now. Next up is some goblins and then who knows what.


By the way, I’m looking jealously at the posts people are making while prepping for this year’s BOYL. Sadly I’m not going to make it this year – our second child is set to be born sometime next week which makes it difficult to travel to England. But next year I’ll for sure be back at Stoke Hall.


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