Dark elf magic in the air

Very little has been going on in the paint department lately but next Tuesday we will play a version of the intro scenario from WFB 2ed – the famous “Ziggurath of Doom” scenario. However, instead of dwarfs the scenario will revolve around a band of fierce dark elves entering the ruined temple in order to steal a precious gem and carry it away. The inhabitants of the temple, mean-spirited death cultists and mad greenskins will do whatever in their power to stop them. It is now up to the elves to get their blood ruby and get out of the temple before they are surrounded by opponents. Oh, by the way, the elves will have the help of one ogre and one goblin, but more about that in my next post.


What I want to show you here is the Citadel dark elf sorcerer I had a chance to finish for the game. I really like the model despite the fact that something is completely wrong with his face. One eye is positioned much lower than the other making him look rather dimwitted from certain angles. Nevertheless the mini is totally badass and I love hos oriental-looking cloak.


I was in the mood for experimentation and rather adventurously decided to add some magic effect to the sorcerer. I’m not sure how well it turned out though. It was fun to do and every once in a while I think it’s important to do stuff that brings us out of our comfort zones and usual way of doing things.


I’ll be back soon wit pics from our game.




2 thoughts on “Dark elf magic in the air

  1. Cracking work on the Dark Elves and Orcs: that Ziggy Stardust shield and the magic effect look corking! I’ve got some olde school Citadel Dark Elves kicking about and seeing your excellent work has made me hungry to start painting them. Let us know how your game of ‘Ziggurath of Doom’ goes.

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