Suben Blackmountain stirred in his rest just before sunset


In roughly two weeks I’ll be hosting a small game of Oldhammer. In the scenario the devious robber baron Alban von Edelhahn is returning to his estates with Suben Blackmountain – a dwarf hostage he plans to sell for a nice, big ransom. However, on their way back Alban and his retinue is attacked by Nazgob – a minor, equally devious, goblin chief who is on the prowl with some of his goblin and snotling warriors.

I needed a mini to represent Suben Blackmountain and this gave me a chance to paint a resting dwarf I’ve had in my leadpile for a while. Actually I’m not entirely sure what the deal is with this dwarf. He may be a casualty but he rather looks like a resting dwarf stirred in his sleep. Hence the name for the small scenic shot here.


I’ll be back soon with snotlings galore!



4 thoughts on “Suben Blackmountain stirred in his rest just before sunset

  1. He may be resting… or more likely sleeping off the effects of a dozen-or-so pints of strong ale! Great scenario idea, by the way. Any special scenery planned for this one?

    • I think you’re right. A pint too much made him stagger off into the wild. This is just a quick game we are to play and I have no special things to prepare – well, almost none. I will be finishing a cart from the Perry Miniatures on which the dwarf Suben is to be transported. More about that in a later post.

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