No bats in the belfry

I’m off Oldhammering tomorrow where we’ll be playing the scenario Marktag Blody Marktag I’ve been babbling about for some time. All the preparations are now done, all the minis I had planned to paint are painted and the scenery built.

What you see here is the three pieces of wall I already presented in a previous post but now painted. They have the same brownish colour as the shrine and the belfry. Concerning the belfry I was arguing for some time with my self whether it should be possible or not to put minis on the top floor and I finally decided against it in order to keep it simple and reduce the size of the thing.


All of it is made from Styrofoam, as you can see below somewhere. Although somewhat less hurly-burly I was still aiming for a battered, almost ruinous look of both walls and tower.

All in all it has been quite a fun project to work on.


Stay tuned for some pics from the event next week.


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