A bunch of fantasy characters

I finished a batch of vintage goodness this week. Two wizards, a gypsy and a halfling all produced by Citadel and furthermore a Marauder elf.

I really like both wizards, especially the one in green. I have painted this mini three or four times over the years and this time I went back and used my first colour scheme from way back. The other wizard, the one holding a bird, is also very nice, although I must confess to having no idea what bird he’s holding. He has a glove on his hand, indicating some sort of bird of prey, but the bird’s beak looks like something on a water fowl – a duck perhaps! It’s very likely a joke that went over my head. Anyway, I ended up painting it in crow colours.

Then we have the very politically incorrect gypsy with the shifty look and a short sword hidden on his back. I love it! His face is slightly distorted but it still has a lot of character. The mini is perhaps not a masterpiece but still incredibly cool.

Then we have the Halfling – or should I say Hobbit. It’s Merry from the Fellowship of the Ring set released in 1985. A nice little fellow and great fun to paint.

The last mini is the Marauder elf. A slightly boring sculpt which I choose because I need an elf and he was at the top of my pile of unpainted elves. The face of the mini is also skewed or contorted, which adds to me slight irritation with the mini.

Absalom Herlich - wizard and sage

Absalom Herlich – wizard and sage


Bela Ustapur - thief and adventurer

Bela Ustapur – thief and adventurer


Luthviel - outcast and loner

Luthviel – outcast and loner


The halfling Jeremias Halla

The halfling Jeremias Halla


Gabor von Stefansberg - diplomat, spy and libertine

Gabor von Stefansberg – diplomat, spy and libertine


2 thoughts on “A bunch of fantasy characters

    • Thanks Gareth! They are guests staying over night at the monastery of St Gotthart in the scenario we are to play next week. Seems all I paint and Work on lately is revolving around that scenario. I hope it was worth the effort!

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