Slime away


Here you see a slimy monstrosity I finished a few days ago. It’s a Green Slime released in 1992 from Ral Partha’s AD&D line.  The mini is not the greatest slime creature ever sculpted. It suffers somewhat from being constricted by the size of the base, making the creature very slim and lacking a sense of motion. A more triangular shape of the mini would have made a lot of difference but in the end that’s just nitpicking. Basically the mini is fine and I’m happy to have it in my collection. The paintjob is straight forward and not much to tell there.

The creature will serve soon as the giant homunculus of the necromancer Peter Luther in our coming scenario in a few month.





2 thoughts on “Slime away

  1. A most useful mini: my Reaper slime has seen action in many a dungeon and should probably be honoured with some sort of long-standing service award (not sure my players would see it that way!). May I also take this opportunity to say what an excellent journal this is; I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your various posts and viewing your excellent miniatures and terrain and look forward to seeing more. Will there be a batrep of ‘Marktag Bloody Marktag 1’?

    • Thanks for the supportive comments Gareth! This is really appreciated and more so when coming from one with such fine blog as yours. I hope to bring some sort of battle report from the Marktag-scenario.

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